A Music Talent that Started at a Young Age, YahWehTheBoy is a Renowned Rapper Who Has a Unique Sound and Ability to Connect with Listeners.

A Music Talent that Started at a Young Age, YahWehTheBoy is a Renowned Rapper Who Has a Unique Sound and Ability to Connect with Listeners.

YahWehTheBoy is not your average musician. Much like other musical prodigies, he always had an ear for music even from a young age. Instead of treating this gift like a hobby, YahWehTheBoy made it into his passion. Using whatever he could find from the around house, he was always making music until one day, he made it his full time job.

“I was born in Florida, with a Haitian family. I was raised in Broward county. I have had an ear for music since I was a child, playing with pots and pans. I think I got it from my dad. He used to have these big speakers in the house and would sit on his own chair to listen most nights. My sister also had a radio I’d use when she was gone to listen to rap music. Black dada was on the radio at the time. At a young age my first song was with my brother and it’s still on YouTube,  so I’ve been on this for a while,” YahWehTheBoy recounts.

Another aspect of his music that is separating YahWehTheBoy from the crowd is his ability to channel his emotion and passion into his lyrics. There are plenty of songs out there that scratch the surface and remain there rather than trying to connect with listeners on a deeper, more emotional level. YahWehTheBoy is not one of these artists! He puts everything he has into his lyrics.

“What makes me unique is my knowledge and the way I put it in my lyrics. Things could have double meanings or more all the while I’m not being restricted to one flow or rap style. Anyone who listens will be given acute enlightenment to this world if not enlightened already.

When I started making music with my friends, I noticed people at my school loved it so I wanted to make more. My most played track “Royalty” really shows me that I have the potential to reach high if I put the work in. Now it’s up to me to do that and pop,” YahWehTheBoy states.

However, Machavell’s journey is not without obstacles. The biggest one for him was getting up on stage in front of hundreds of eyes and performing his music for a live audience. However, YahWehTheBoy stands by the belief that even though they are obstacles, they are minimal when it comes to trying to achieve your success.

“There are many obstacles when starting a business, but they’re all small if you think about it. The biggest obstacle for me was standing on that stage in front of a couple hundred eyes. It felt like I had a little scopophobia, but I pushed through it and performed with all my energy. This career requires courage, perseverance, tact, and many others but the last one is integrity,” YahWehTheBoy explains.

Machavell’s advice to those who wish to follow in his footsteps is to not listen to anyone other than yourself. In his experience, many people will try to get in your way and tear you down. What you do in those moments matters most.

“Don’t let anybody make your decisions for you, because you’re never truly aware of their intentions. Remember that in a business, money is right next to your mindset in importance. Advice is definitely helpful but the choice comes from you. Have a budget, if you don’t have a budget, you’ll go broke trying to get to the top. Work on keeping your brand solid, so people can understand and conjugate around you,” YahWehTheBoy advises.

YahWehTheBoy has some exciting new music planned in the new year! He also plans on dropping a whole EP. Find out more aboutYahWehTheBoy here.