Ivan Mayorga: The Creator of the Human Talent Software Company that Competes with World Class Brands

Ivan Mayorga: The Creator of the Human Talent Software Company that Competes with World Class Brands

Ivan Mayorga is the CEO of Change Digital, a spin-off company of Change Americas. It specializes in solving complex organizational projects using high-quality software. With a solid background in industrial and systems engineering, Mayorga has forged his path in the business world with determination and vision.

Change Digital provides advanced technological solutions for human talent management in medium and large organizations. Its flagship product, HR Suite, combines Change Americas’ knowledge of strategy and processes with its software factory, offering a comprehensive and customizable solution that adapts to each client.

We took the project seriously and applied the innovation methodologies that we taught to clients and put them into practice. We identified unmet needs in the market where the main one was how to ensure that the Human Management areas contribute more forcefully to the corporate strategy of the organizations. That is why we find that performing data analysis or People Analytics is the best way to guarantee that real-time information is in favor of the company for timely decision-making,” says Mayorga.

Mayorga’s motivation to start his own business came from his passion for technology and desire to make his mark in the business world. Influenced by his parents’ entrepreneurial spirit, Mayorga set out to create a company that would solve problems, benefit customers, and create jobs.

I always had a dream of having a technology company. As a partner in the firm Change Americas, a consulting company with more than 25 years of experience in organizational strategy and human capital issues, where I have worked all these years, I was able to make that dream come true,” expresses  Mayorga.

Starting a business comes with many challenges, and Mayorga was no exception. From conceiving a business idea to facing market uncertainty, each step along the path of entrepreneurship presents its difficulties.

Conceiving a business idea, thinking about what problem exists that we can solve, having the discipline to make the idea a reality, and having the resilience to recover when the market tells you that it is not interested in paying to solve that problem with your solution and having to pivot or start over,” comments Mayorga.

For Mayorga, the business mentality is essential while on the path to success. Building a clear vision, committing to fulfilling it, and surrounding yourself with people who share that vision are essential to achieving business goals.

It is the key to everything, building a vision, committing to fulfill it and it helps with the most difficult thing, which is to convince others to want to accompany you in making it a reality,” emphasizes Mayorga.

Mayorga offers valuable advice for those taking their first steps in entrepreneurship: take the business seriously and be willing to pay the price for success.

Take it very seriously. Ask yourself before you start, why do you want to do it? And are you going to be willing to pay the price? Remember: Every problem has a solution and it won’t be forever,” advises Mayorga.

Looking ahead, Mayorga plans to continue growing in Latin America and the United States and expand Change Digital’s product offering to include additional modules for corporate strategy management.

We are working with perseverance and above all with innovation in each part of the processes and in the product itself,” he states.

The story of Ivan Mayorga and his company, Change Digital, is an inspiring testimony to the power of vision, determination, and innovation in the business world. His focus on solving complex problems with cutting-edge technological solutions has made him a prominent leader.

One last piece of advice, choose very well who you associate with and who you marry, in my case, my partners are just as visionary as me and my wife who is also a partner in the company, is the engine and captain of the ship. She is always two steps ahead, challenging, motivating and clearing paths,” concludes Mayorga.

If you are looking to transform human talent management in your company with cutting-edge technological solutions, discover how Ivan Mayorga and Change Digital can help you today!