SADE, The New NK Profeta Release That's Blending New Sounds in Latin Rap

SADE, The New NK Profeta Release That's Blending New Sounds in Latin Rap

Inside the Latin Rap industry, NK Profeta is famous for his successful career and well-recognized among his peers for his historic Beef to Residente. 

Managing impeccable quality in his lyrics, this Venezuelan artist just released his new EP, ‘SADE,’ a declaration of his new identity and experimentation of different sounds.

With this new album, NK explores themes of melancholy and vulnerability, offering a new expression of himself that reflects his most emotional side.

NK Profeta has chosen to release his EP in San Juan, Puerto Rico, making a symbolic gesture by visiting the city since his last live performance with Vico-C in 2018. 

During his stay on the island, NK Profeta visited the most influential podcasts in the urban genre, including “Chente” and “Molusco,” showing his high distinction in the music scene. 

The album’s first single, ‘A Pesar de Todo,’ is inspired by the feelings of a failed relationship, surprising his listeners with a salsa interpretation, a genre rooted in his Latin American culture.

The video of ‘A Pesar de Todo’ was filmed between the streets of Caracas and Miami and adds different layers of deep storytelling, combining visual aesthetics with the touching song.

In addition to the success of his new salsa single, NK surprised his fans with a second music video for the song ‘Sol de Marzo, ‘ showing his versatility in the visual business.

NK’s career sets a new standard for his peers in the industry and shows that rap music can be full of experimentation.

‘SADE’ is a mirror for his fans who have experienced emotional situations, but it’s also a powerful reminder that Latin genres are breaking standards and offering exceptional music quality.

With this new launch, NK Profeta proves again his courage and expertise in the music industry, raising the genre with his creative ideas and the fresh sound that represents it.To learn more about NK Profeta and his new EP ‘SADE’, click here.