Shilan Parham was Raised by a Competitive Family. This Gave Her an Edge in the Business World.

Shilan Parham was Raised by a Competitive Family. This Gave Her an Edge in the Business World.

There is a major argument of nature versus nurture when it comes to who we become as people. While it’s difficult to attribute our formation solely to one over the other, everyone is shaped by a unique blend of both elements. For Shilan, it’s clear that her inherent traits played a crucial role in shaping who she is today.

Growing up, Shilan vividly recalls inheriting a competitive spirit from her parents as well as witnessing the freedom that her grandpa experienced in his career as an entrepreneur. Both of these things naturally geared Shilan towards a career in the business world. 

“I was born and raised in Iran. Both my parents were athletes and I believe that’s where I got my competitive side from. My grandpa, on the other hand, is an entrepreneur. Because of his career, he was able to travel the world and create the lifestyle he wanted for himself. I loved seeing that as I was growing up,” Shilan explains.

After many years of hard work, including living in China where she received her Bachelor’s Degree in Chinese Trade and Economics, starting a language school, relocating to the US in 2015 and obtaining an MBA from Auburn University, Shilan started a company called Outliers Consulting Solutions.

The company specializes in building relationships with client bases, growing that client and consumer base, and promoting a company’s goals. Currently based in Charlotte, NC, Parham and Outliers Consulting Solutions leads one of the largest markets in the region

“Leadership intrigued me from the start, despite it not coming naturally. I was drawn to the concept of guiding others towards their dream lives, marking a clear direction for my career. However, acquiring the skills required for effective leadership was a true endeavor for me. My willingness to adapt, commitment to being a life-long learner and flexibility has shaped me into a solution-oriented individual, and has truly contributed to my problem-solving skills”, Shilan states.

Shilan faced a myriad of challenges as she built and grew her business. There was a moment when her bank balance dwindled to a mere $300 during a particularly tough period. Despite this, she never conceded defeat, surrendered, or gave up. Drawing on the competitive spirit instilled in her by her parents, she persisted, working tirelessly and overcame this setback.

For those hoping to start their own business: Shilan has a few pieces of advice to guide you along the way:

“It doesn’t matter what you do in life. You will always have highs and lows, but your job is minimizing the lows and maximizing the highs. These are a few ways that you can do that:

  1. It’s okay to lose but don’t lose the lesson
  2. Be okay with failure and getting up and going harder 
  3. Reflect on what you can do better, study your industry and become the most knowledgeable about it
  4. Know your why and purpose. It’s hard to keep going and stay motivated if you don’t know deep down what the reason for you doing this is.”

For Shilan, in addition to helping others promote themselves and their business, she is also focused on creating that lifestyle similar to that of her grandpa when Shilan was growing up. For her, this means achieving a certain level of financial freedom and allowing all the positives that come with that.

“Financial freedom means to me the ability to experience, learn, travel, and create an environment for the people around me to have a better life and experience new things and happiness together. It’s never about money; money is a scarce resource that gives us the opportunity and ability to do what we want to do and how we want to experience this life. Additionally, I do want to be able to give back and provide for the people around me as well,” Shilan says.

Looking ahead, Shilan is diligently focused on mentoring aspiring entrepreneurs, guiding them on their unique paths to business success. On a personal note, she is looking forward to traveling more and savoring the joys of life.

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