Daniela Tablante: Breaking Boundaries on the Cover of Glamour

Daniela Tablante: Breaking Boundaries on the Cover of Glamour

Daniela Tablante is synonymous with empowerment and inclusivity in the media and fashion industry. With her recent Glamour cover shoot, distributed in Bulgaria, she’s not just gracing the pages; she’s making a profound statement.

Daniela’s cover shoot is not just about fashion; it’s a celebration of inclusion and women’s empowerment. She went above and beyond to ensure that every professional involved in the project was either a woman or a member of the LGBT+ community. From the photographers and fashion stylists to the makeup and hair teams, Daniela deliberately chose to champion diversity and empowerment.

“This cover is dedicated to all the men and women who have believed in me and my work, allowing me to grow professionally,” Daniela shares.

As the owner of a small digital media and production company, Daniela has faced numerous challenges in a male-dominated industry.

Despite these challenges, Daniela remains steadfast in pursuing women’s empowerment. She believes hiring and empowering women is the key to breaking down misconceptions and prejudices aimed at successful and driven women.

“Feminism is about creating equality of opportunities and providing a platform for women to succeed, and that does not mean I want to give a woman a job just because she is a woman but that I want to make sure that I do everything in my hands so every professional or talented woman around me is in a position to succeed in her own terms.” she asserts.

Daniela derives her strength from the remarkable women in her life, from her grandmother and mother to her aunts and the courageous women she’s met on her journey. They inspire her to keep pushing forward.

She also acknowledges the struggle with insecurity in an industry that often leads to self-comparison. She believes that most insecurities stem from comparisons and emphasizes the importance of self-awareness. When she catches herself comparing marketable beauty standards or other women, she reminds herself that true beauty is diverse and authentic.

What Daniela loves most about her work is its creative potential to leave a positive mark on the world. Whether it’s fashion, media production, or documentaries, she ensures that her projects carry a meaningful message. She believes that media and fashion should be platforms for making people rethink their social impact.

Daniela’s work is not confined to fashion; it’s conscious and provocative. Her GLAMOUR cover shoot involved many women from diverse backgrounds, races, and professions coming together to create something beautiful. It’s a testament to the power of collaboration and diversity.

Daniela also expresses gratitude to her collaborators, including preneLOVE, which she’s worked with since last year, and Sorabyrd, known for its sustainability and ethical fashion. She also acknowledges the contribution of her friend, Or Tal Danino, who styled the cover issue.

Through her work Daniela continues to inspire and promote diversity, empowerment, and self-awareness. Her passion for impactful storytelling and dedication to uplifting women in the industry exemplify her mission to create a more inclusive world.

As Daniela looks ahead, she remains committed to her mission. Her career has already achieved significant milestones, like featuring her documentary on Amazon Prime Video for three years. She believes in the power of storytelling to educate and inspire change.

“It was the first time my independent work came to fruition, and it was a wakeup call that told me I can achieve things even if I am doing it alone” Daniela shares.

Her journey, from celebrating inclusion on a Glamour cover to advocating for women’s empowerment, is a testament to her commitment to creating a more inclusive world, one story at a time.

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