Pregnant woman airlifted from Disney cruise ship

Pregnant woman airlifted from Disney cruise ship

The US Coast Guard has released dramatic footage of the moment a pregnant woman was airlifted from a Disney cruise ship after suffering “health complications”.

A MH-60T Jayhawk helicopter was filmed landing on the bow of the Disney Fantasy ship that was sailing 180 miles northwest of Aguadilla in Puerto Rico.

The coastguard said in a statement: “The medevac patient was a 35-year-old pregnant woman, US citizen, who experienced health complications and required a higher level of medical care ashore.”

In a video shared on social media, a member of the helicopter crew is seen attaching the stretcher to a rope which is then hoisted, lifting the passenger into the aircraft.

The pregnant passenger was taken to Fernando Luis Ribas Dominicci Airport in San Juan, where emergency service personnel were waiting, the US Coast Guard said.

She was later transported to the Centro Medico Hospital to receive treatment.

“Our crew was able to quickly, safely, and efficiently execute a long-range medevac for the patient to receive the higher level of care she required,” Lieutenant Commander Todd Stephens said.

“This case demonstrates the value of good crew resource management and the capabilities of our Jayhawk helicopter.”

Ensign Michael Riccio, the coastguard’s leader for the case, added: “We are glad everything came together to help this passenger.”