Meet Santiago Santiago: The Businessman and Entrepreneur Who Is Revolutionizing The Travel Industry

Meet Santiago Santiago: The Businessman and Entrepreneur Who Is Revolutionizing The Travel Industry

Santiago Santiago Colon, also known as Chaguin Santiago, is quite an amazing businessman and entrepreneur. He is an independent Business Owner, elite leader at the international marketing network level!

To date, he is making history in the Network Marketing Industry, winning the hearts of the whole world with his charisma, loyalty, commitment and above all, for leading by example. In fact, Santiago has become the greatest example of leadership of the decade, leading a team of more than 140,000 members/associate members in 185 countries.

For years, Santiago had tried many ways to earn extra income, have a better quality of life and help his family. Back in 2017, he discovered InCruises. He has always considered that the best education he can give his children is through travel. What’s more, his priority is to spend quality time with his family and educate them with cultures and traditions.

“Soon, in June 2017, I reached my first level of Rank in the company and I earned a trip to the Greek islands leaving Venice. The most incredible thing about that cruise was that I met other Leaders who were already in the Club and even more, I met our CEO, Michael Hutch and Frank Codina. I was able to sit down with them, talk and listen personally to what was the vision and mission of the company, where we returned from that trip to give 100% of ourselves!”, Santiago shares.

Little by little, Santiago rose through the ranks in the company and achieved great success due to his multiple skills and commitment to his work. He currently sits on the company’s board of directors, the longest serving position, and is part of the 1% of the population that earns 7 figures!

“The mindset is everything, it is the first step to be able to wake up to be an independent entrepreneur, owner of your business, to discover that there is something beyond selling your time for money from 9 am to 5 pm”, Santiago adds.

However, not everything has been easy on his journey. Quite the opposite. January 2019 was a particularly difficult month for him, as his daughter was hospitalized for a health problem called thrombocytopenia. Santiago spent his days and nights in the hospital, and continued to work remotely. In fact, he was promoted to Executive Director from the ER.

“This experience taught me that there are no excuses for someone who wants to achieve something and achieves it despite their situations”, he explains.

Currently, his daughter is in excellent health and Santiago is a businessman who is making history not only in Latin America, but throughout the world. Also, he is helping thousands of people to live the life of his dreams!

“I want to leave a legacy by helping  people achieve their dreams, just like I did!”, Santiago details.

With business in more than 140 countries and growing more than 82,000 registrations, Santiago is constantly conquering new markets! Thousands of people are benefiting from their club, many are already financially free and others are growing professionally more and more.

“And remember… Great results require great responsibilities. Do not accept excuses from anyone. It is important to work as a team. Help from the heart. When you are genuine, everyone is running towards your ultimate goal. Be thankful. Celebrate each personal achievement of your team!”, Santiago concludes.

To find out more about Santiago, check out his website here. You can also follow him on Instagram here and click here if you want to work with him!