Mariana Barcon Ordoñana is a Makeup Artist Based in Mexico City: Learn More About Her Role in New York Fashion Week

Mariana Barcon Ordoñana is a Makeup Artist Based in Mexico City: Learn More About Her Role in New York Fashion Week

Mariana Barcón Ordoñana is the next makeup star. She is a 34-year-old make-up artist and business woman from Mexico City, but also a proud mother, wife, and lawyer specializing in environmental law in seas and coasts.

Since the birth of her daughters, Mariana decided to leave her lawyer profession to dedicate as much time as possible to them, while also dedicating some time to exploit her talents as a makeup artist.

“I started my journey by studying makeup at Skara Makeup Solutions where I took a professional makeup course. I soon began to specialize under the guidance of excellent professionals in the industry such as Luis Torres, Helder Marucci, Andy Alexis, Patrik Ta, Francisco Dumit, Olga Tomina, among others.” Mariana shares.

In 2019, Mariana launched her makeup business, MBO, through which she offers makeup services for special moments and events such as weddings, parties and photoshoots or branding opportunities. 

Soon after, Mariana was invited by Fashion Gallery NYFW to participate in the New York Fashion Week in September 2021. There, she did the make-up for 11 designers and about 40 models at the Prince George Ballroom.

“The three days of the NY Fashion Week were the most intense but also most rewarding days of my career as a makeup artist.” Mariana says.

Following this, the producer of Fashion Gallery NYFW offered Mariana the opportunity to work as the lead makeup artist for Fall/Winter ’22, which will take place on February 11, 12 and 13 in Manhattan, NYC.

“I will be in charge of a group of talented women makeup artists (17 from Mexico and two from the United States). My team is made up of: Addy Jimenez, Alejandra Garate, Alexa Matta, Argelia Montero, Begoña Ruiz, Fernanda Olea, Jimena Angulo, Maria Garcés, María González, Mariela Cervantes, Martha Turrent, Montserrat Campero, Natasha Gonella, María del Rocío de la Cruz, Stéphanie Anaya, Tereza González, Victoria Duarte, Susana Portillo Barragán and Yara de Velasco.” Mariana explains.

Mariana’s makeup studio is located in Lomas de Chapultepec in Mexico City. There, she attends her clients mostly during the weekends, while she offers self-make up courses during the week.

I do social makeup (for events), bridal, editorial, catwalk, self-makeup courses and updating techniques for professional makeup artists.” Mariana says, and adds, “For me, all women are beautiful and what I do is highlight that beauty, creating a spectacular transformation or enhancement.”

Her main motivation to launch her business was her family. Mariana always wanted to be a mother present in her family so she was looking for a job that would allow her to have freedom in her schedule. 

I wanted to start my own business because I wanted to have control of my time, finances, and schedule with my family. At the same time, I wanted a job that I would enjoy, that I would relax, that I would like, that would fulfill me and that would allow me to de-stress, have creativity and make my own decisions. It is a very rewarding business, as it has led me to meet many successful, capable, and above all powerful women.” Mariana shares.

Mariana is totally convinced that the best job is the one that makes you happy, which for her is to be a makeup artist. She sees her job as an escape from her daily routine. Her studio is a place she loves.

“I love to be able to attend to my clients with all the peace in the world, leave them beautiful for their events, and be able to return to my family to enjoy the rest of the weekend.” She adds.

However, even Mariana’s dream job comes with difficulties. For her it has been being able to balance her personal and professional life. That is why she tries to take some weekends off to feel like she has fulfilled both her family and clients.

“Another challenge is the commitments you make as a makeup artist are of great responsibility. For example, you are the first person that a bride sees on her big day. So once you make a commitment you can’t cancel it, and I have to organize my schedule in advance to be able to meet everyone’s expectations.” Mariana stresses.

To stand out from other makeup artists, Mariana makes sure to create a relaxing atmosphere for her clients with aromatherapy and music. She wants to always make sure they leave happy and come back. 

In the near future, Mariana is focused on preparations for the Fall/Winter ‘22 NY Fashion Week, while continuing to prepare her clients for their special events. Learn more about Mariana here.