Fusion of Cultures on the Plate: The Legacy of Edwar Andrés Toro Pérez

Fusion of Cultures on the Plate: The Legacy of Edwar Andrés Toro Pérez

From an early age, Edwar Andrés Toro Pérez felt great fascination with cooking and travel, seeing food as a gateway to other cultures. His love for gastronomy led him to explore and learn from various culinary traditions, turning each trip into an opportunity to enrich his culinary repertoire.

As he himself mentions, “I have always considered that one can learn about other cultures through their food.”

That passion for gastronomy began during his childhood, when he enjoyed helping in the family kitchen and experimenting with different flavors and techniques. And, later, he was empowered when, through his travels, he managed to discover new cultures through traditional dishes.

Driven by curiosity, a love of good food, and a desire to explore the world, he began his career in gastronomy. Later, spurred on by the development of the culinary industry and the demand for qualified professionals, he formalized that passion and made it his profession.

“The food industry was going through a moment of rethinking the need for trained, non-experienced people to achieve perfection in the kitchen.” Edwar states.

His training focused not only on culinary technique but also on the importance of hygiene, quality of ingredients, and customer service. Characteristics that, together with innovation, have consolidated him as an exceptional chef in the field of Peruvian-Nikkey fusion cuisine, where he combines traditional Peruvian and Japanese ingredients with a Colombian touch, creating innovative and delicious dishes that have given a modern twist to cuisine traditional Peruvian Perhaps this is the trait that best defines him as a chef.

“I like each of my creations to be full of flavor, to be visually attractive, and to have each of the different components perfectly balanced so that the diner can enjoy a unique experience until the last bite of the dish leaves them wanting more. This is why, making use of my talent and knowledge, I try to use ingredients recognized in Peruvian and Japanese cuisine to infuse traditional Peruvian cuisine with a modern twist and a Colombian touch, which is what has defined me so far as a chef,” Edward points out.

As head chef, together with the collaboration of his colleagues, he has managed to create a menu in which diners can taste classic recipes of Peruvian gastronomy with Nikkey or Colombian adaptations, taking advantage of the variety of raw materials from the local market, which always Try to handle it in such a way that it stands out in each of your preparations.

His mastery of gastronomy, culinary techniques, and palate, together with the knowledge acquired by the owners of Cuzco during their travels, has managed to create a signature menu that has positioned Cuzco among the three best Peruvian food restaurants in the world., as well as being the first restaurant in Colombia to receive the “Authentic Peruvian Cuisine” certification from San Ignacio de Loyola University and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Peru in 2020.

Its signature cuisine, based on Peruvian gastronomy, is characterized by the quality of the ingredients and the creativity in the presentation of each dish. Edward strives to offer a unique culinary experience where every detail is carefully thought out to delight the senses.

As a chef, Edwar is characterized by his vocation and his constant search for improvement. His commitment to quality and customer service is reflected in every dish that comes out of his kitchen. Edward values his diners’ feedback and considers every opinion, whether positive or negative, to be an opportunity to grow and improve his culinary art.

In this sense, he reiterates: “I always take into consideration positive and negative comments from clients, and I even encourage them to mention aspects to improve.”

His new project, in which he is currently working with the company Beautiful by The River LLC in Florida, is to create the menu of a new Peruvian fusion restaurant with Nikkey or Colombian adaptations within the framework of American gastronomy and direct the kitchen of the same.

This project represents a great opportunity for him, as it not only means making him known as a professional chef in other markets but also gives him the possibility of continuing to fulfill his passion of continuing to learn, learn about new raw materials, and, above all, to continue surprising and delighting new customers with a variety of dishes and creations of their authorship.

Edwar Toro is much more than a chef. He is a culinary artist who, through his creations, seeks to transmit emotions and tell stories through food. His legacy in Peruvian-Nike fusion haute cuisine will endure in the palates and hearts of those who have the privilege of enjoying his gastronomic creations.

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