Raúl Borja and CIBOCHEM: Transforming Agriculture with Organic Biostimulation

Raúl Borja and CIBOCHEM: Transforming Agriculture with Organic Biostimulation

Raúl Borja is a visionary entrepreneur from Valle del Cauca, Colombia, who has devoted his life to revolutionizing agriculture through biostimulation.

 With two generations of farmers in his family, it’s no surprise that Raúl inherited a passion for growing fruits, vegetables and biennial crops like cotton, soybeans and sorghum.

 Raul embarks on a journey of learning and discovery that inspires him to push the boundaries of conventional farming with the help of his grandfather, an advocate of organic farming.

 “Teaching that plants are living beings that feel and get stressed is the most difficult thing in our business,” Raúl reflects, highlighting his unique focus on understanding and addressing the needs of plants holistically.

The vision has become a reality at CIBOCHEM, a pioneering company providing innovative biological solutions to stimulate plant growth and vitality.

They are 100% organic products of natural origin with which plants can be stimulated for improved harvests, more flowering and growth, as well as increased fruit quality, all in a way that is healthy for humans and animals.

With more than 20 years of experience in this field, Raúl Borja stands out for his determination and perseverance.

I learned that ‘NO’ is the seed of success,” says Raúl, conveying his philosophy of turning challenges into opportunities for growth.

His groundbreaking approach and passion for sustainable development have helped him grow his operations internationally, with a particular focus on the US market.

Its goals, as stated, are: “Increase the widespread use of organic biostimulants in all crops grown in the United States.” Raúl says, demonstrating his commitment to education and awareness about organic biostimulation.

A technique that includes a combination of algal biomolecules and soy amino acids has enabled Raúl to develop products that not only increase plant performance but also enhance human health and well-being. and plants. Raúl calls them the “Plant´s Microchips”.

With innovative thinking and a sustainability-focused approach, Raúl continues to challenge the standards of traditional agriculture and open new horizons in the world of biostimulation.

His courage to challenge accepted norms and his perseverance to make a positive difference in the world will forever mark him as a pioneer in the field.

“Don’t count the ‘NO’s; plant them!” Raúl declares, reflecting his resilient mentality and ability to turn every rejection into an opportunity for growth.

Unlike other entrepreneurs, Raúl Borja stands out thanks to his extensive knowledge of the plant world and his commitment to the health of plants and the people who consume their fruits and vegetables.

His organic, holistic approach to agriculture reflects his unique understanding of the needs of plants as sentient living organisms.

 Their future plans are to leverage over 14 years of experience in Latin America to consolidate their entry into the US market with a mission to raise awareness, teach, and increase the use of organic biostimulants.

It seeks to position itself as the company that brings the power of algae and soy to stimulate and “benefit” trees.

Discover the transformative power of organic biostimulation with Raúl Borja and CIBOCHEM (join in Instagram to: cibochem.us), where passion for nature combines with business excellence to build a healthier, more sustainable world for everyone.

Join the Raul led green revolution to make your dreams grow with sturdy roots and a bumper crop!