Zulay Rodriguez, the Independent Political Candidate who wants to be President of Panama

Zulay Rodriguez, the Independent Political Candidate who wants to be President of Panama

Definitely in recent years the Citizen Movements or Independent candidacies are a trend in Latin America, looking at the last elections in Chile, Brazil or Colombia leads us to that conclusion without forgetting Bukele in El Salvador or MANLO in Mexico, Panama apparently is going the same way.

The current Congresswoman Zulay Rodriguez of the party in Power PRD, separates from it and seeks an Independent Presidential candidacy, in just 4 months she has 80 thousand signatures of support, 4 times more than the requirement to found a party ,marks #1 in the collection of signatures and will surely be the strongest rival that Panama’s political parties will face.

In a country where the political class has been compromised in recent years in cases of corruption, including the latest event was the addition of former President Ricardo Martinelli to the list of Corrupt Officials issued by the American State Department, who also aspires to return to power, perhaps lays the clearest path for the controversial deputy.

Zulay, as she is known with a somewhat veligerant style, has earned the sympathy of the electorate because her actions are consoled with her speech, something rare in Latin America. She was born from a humble family of Chinese descent and she is the daughter of one of the most famous lawyers from the Central American Isthmus. Zulay has forged her political career under her own history of struggle, which she leads to extremes of affection or hatred.

With excellent management of the media and social networks, she directs an opinion program on TV and she is famous for having confronted the mining empires, her own government, and even denounced the financial mismanagement of the Panama Canal.

Zulay Rodriguez Lu will definitely give us a lot to talk about in the upcoming presidential elections in a small country in Central America but very important to the world due to the Panama Canal and its relations with the United States.