The X10 Formula: Creativity, Algorithms and Success in the Digital Universe

The X10 Formula: Creativity, Algorithms and Success in the Digital Universe

In the digital world, which is currently saturated with information, standing out and connecting with the audience has become a crucial challenge for brands and creators. It is a process that is not at all easy, which is why few content experts manage to stand out.

However, this is not the case for Rick de la Rosa, better known as Rick Jagger, and Ian Lucas Cortizas, better known as Magitok, two creative minds who have managed to not only stand out but also master the art of viral content.

These two experts have managed to be the creators of success on the Internet and managed to maintain attention, turning chaos into viral content that captivates people around the world. To do this, based on a deep understanding and empathy towards brands and content creators seeking to stand out in the digital world, they founded x10 Viral. The two explain the company below:

“It is based on deeply understanding the algorithms and psychologies behind digital platforms to propel brands, artists, and creators from anonymity to stellar fame.”

Rick and Ian have a unique approach that combines creativity with analysis and fusion of the art of storytelling with a detailed knowledge of social media algorithms.

Beyond their success and achievements, what truly defines them is their commitment to excellence and their unwavering dedication to their clients. Every piece of content they create and every campaign they launch is infused with the desire to exceed expectations and make a real difference in the digital world.

“We believe strongly in the power of content to bring people together, inspire change, and build communities. This belief not only guides our daily work but also drives our long-term vision to continue leading the viral content industry with integrity, innovation, and a strong sense of responsibility to those we serve,” says Rick.

His unique approach focuses on turning fears into strengths and transforming frustrations into opportunities for growth. This involves not only creating viral content to capture attention but also developing a narrative that resonates emotionally with the audience and building engaged communities around the brands and personalities they work with.

What sets MagiTok and Rick Jagger apart from the competition is their exceptional ability to tell stories that capture the essence of a brand or personality and connect with the hearts and minds of the audience. This sensitivity to audience needs, combined with constant innovation and adaptation to digital trends, allows them to provide meaningful and lasting solutions.

In a space crowded with creators fighting for attention, it was a real challenge for x10 Viral to find its own unique voice. They learned that to stand out, they had to break molds, challenge expectations, and, above all, deeply understand their audience.

That challenge taught them the importance of resilience, the ability to adapt, and constant innovation. Every obstacle they have overcome has made them stronger and sharpened their vision, allowing them to not only anticipate trends but also establish them.

Looking to the future, MagiTok and Rick Jagger are embarking on projects that challenge the boundaries of viral content. In this sense, they express:

“We are looking to collaborate with technology innovators to integrate elements of augmented and virtual reality into our campaigns, creating immersive experiences that captivate audiences.”

Additionally, they are expanding their geographic and cultural horizons, adapting their content to connect with diverse global markets, and ensuring that each campaign has a global impact.

In a world where attention is a precious commodity, MagiTok and Rick Jagger have proven to be more than experts in viral content. They are unforgettable storytellers who lift their clients to new heights of recognition and success in the digital world. With its comprehensive approach to success, passion for innovation, and commitment to excellence, the two continue to lead the viral content industry with integrity, creativity, and a strong sense of responsibility to those they serve.

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