The Millionaire Mentality: Producer Michael Blakey on What it Takes to Make It…& Earn Your First Seven Figures

The Millionaire Mentality: Producer Michael Blakey on What it Takes to Make It…& Earn Your First Seven Figures

With just one look at Michael Blakey’s Instagram, you know you’re looking at a man who has made it in the modern world. Sports cars, high-end watches, mansions, and penthouses abound as Michael shares his luxury lifestyle online. Yet Michael doesn’t do it to be vain, but rather to inspire – he wasn’t born into wealth, actually far from it. He had to rely on his drive and determination, courage and conviction to eke out a living and pave his way to success – step by step. Now a world-renowned music, TV, and film producer, Michael began his career years ago by leaving home, forging his own way in the world, and eventually crossing the English channel in search of fortune and fulfillment:

“I was born in England, and was educated about life by my dad – he was my hero,” Michael shares. “He taught me the value of listening, learning, and translating that into a concrete action plan. When I was in my late teens/early-twenties, I went to Germany to pursue my dream of working in music. I was on my own, and had to work for the British Army, washing dishes and enormous pots; I saved every penny I had and put it towards my music career. I kept my eyes on the prize, and didn’t let the day-to-day drudgery distract me from my goal. When I began working in the music industry, I strove to make each day and each project better than the last.”

This vibrant sense of humor and positive outlook that Michael gained during his time abroad shine as brightly as California sunshine, and is reflected in his popular YouTube videos, where Michael takes viewers into the lives of the rich and famous. Whether touring a Beverly Hills mansion, racing Ferraris through the Hollywood Hills, or playing with multi-million dollar diamonds and watches, Michael is the first to poke fun at the decadence of the world’s elite. He does all of this with charm and savvy – and with more than 1.3 million subscribers on YouTube, Michael’s sneak peeks into the reality of the rich capture a certain allure that is rarely found in other influencer’s videos. No matter the cost of the watch or the value of the yacht, Michael never loses his unique blend of drive and happy-go-lucky attitude that helped him rise to the top.

“No matter the situation, I always think back to my passion as an artist,” confides Michael. “I always loved music, I was a musician (albeit a bad one), but I never let go of my dream – even when that meant translating it into a different format to build success. I learned a great deal about what I did and did not like in those early days, and how important it is to focus on yourself as a person, and keep a positive attitude. I never lose sight of my goals or my prior successes (and failures), and work every day to translate those traits and what I’ve learned into a business that best serves both myself and my clients.”

Michael references this exact mindset time and time again in his interviews and videos, speaking to the importance of attitude and drive in every aspect of his life. As an entrepreneur in the ultra-competitive industry of music and TV production, Michael has always had to work to differentiate himself. No matter the client or the challenge, Michael strives to produce results that are head and shoulders above the competition, all the while, tailoring his production style to the specific brand and talent of his clients. This technique puts Michael Blakey in a league of his own when interacting with top brands and artists in the entertainment world.

Michael looks toward the future with bright eyes of anticipation. He is using the pandemic slowdowns as an opportunity to reset and recalibrate his mindset, formulating ideas for the future of the entertainment industry. As a producer, Michael is always on the lookout for the next big talent, trend, and/or idea. Blakey always keeps his finger on the pulse of what’s current, as well as the burgeoning online entertainment scene. Michael’s contagious exuberance, belief in self, and desire to share his recipe for the millionaire mentality contribute to his popularity and are an inspiration for success. 

Michael Blakey lives by one credo; to approach every business with a PHD – Poor, Hungry, and Driven.

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