Alejandro Herrera, Also Known As Alenoise, Is A Successful Artist and Producer Who Founded MasterWaves Records To Help Many Artist Create High Quality Music

Alejandro Herrera, Also Known As Alenoise, Is A Successful Artist and Producer Who Founded MasterWaves Records To Help Many Artist Create High Quality Music

Alejandro Herrera, also known as Alenoise, is an amazing Colombian artist, composer and producer.  He is signed by Sony Music Publishing and has had a very successful career since 2014. What’s more, Alenoise is recognized for his contemporary pop proposal and for having produced music for renowned artists such as Cabas, Fanny Lu, Vetto Galvez, Laura and Juan and much more. 

But that’s not all! He has also participated in international festivals such as Calle 8 in Miami and in programs such as Despierta América, A Otro Nivel and Dia a Dia. 

“My artistic career was always my dream, even before I knew it was. I started studying guitar when I was 4 years old, a year later I started studying vocal technique and from that moment I got involved in all kinds of musical activities, such as marching band, pop and reggae bands. Finally, when I graduated from college I started studying sound engineering. Shortly after I changed the focus of my studies and chose contemporary music”, Alenoise explains.

Alenoise and JC Beats founded the music studio Masterwaves Records in 2014, in Bogota, Colombia. Their team is made up of professionals of the highest level and their main objective is to develop music products that satisfy the needs of any global artist, providing their own unique sound to each project!

Masterwaves Records has a music creation studio, a production studio and recording studio equipped with “Class A” technological equipment to achieve sound results that are competitive in the highest stages of the current music industry. During their many years of experience they have been able to work with internationally recognized artists such as Nicky Jam, Vetto Gálvez, Cabas, Dragón Martina la Peligrosa, Alex Campos, Santiago Cruz, Buxxi and many more.

“Since I started my artistic career I always knew that it is extremely difficult for new talents to achieve their own quality sound that allows them to enter the music industry, that’s why at first I decided to be a producer to help many artists to create music of their own and of high quality that allows them to differentiate themselves and at the same time exceed the commercial standards required by the industry”, Alenoise adds.

He manages to stand out from the crowd because when producing he doesn’t use pre-established formulas of any kind and he doesn’t use shortcuts either. Alenoise produces sincere, transparent and genuine music that reflects the real identity of each artist. At Masterwaves Records they don’t copy and they always strive to give 110% of their capabilities in each project.

“One of the biggest obstacles we have faced has been having to push ourselves to innovate and stay ahead in a business where the business standard changes every day. What worked yesterday no longer works today and what works today will not work tomorrow.  It has been a challenge to learn to read the changes in sounds, to be purposeful and to anticipate what is to come”, Alenoise details.

He is stepping into 2023 with big goals and aspirations, as he describes them below:

“Since 2019 we have been expanding to countries outside of South America. We ventured first into Spain and then into the United States, especially in Miami and in Los Angeles. For this new year we have our sights set on making our sound known in a very different market: Japan. We have recently been involved in different Song Camps in Tokyo and in other cities in the country. We have as a short-term goal to bring Latin music to the center of attention in Japan and make Colombia recognized for its music!”

To find out more about Alenoise, follow him on Instagram here. You can also check Masterwaves Records’ website here.