Poetica Coffee's aim, from farm to latte, is to inspire with each sip.

Poetica Coffee's aim, from farm to latte, is to inspire with each sip.

The events of 2020 have had a significant impact on millions of businesses and enterprises. Nonetheless, despite the difficulties caused by the pandemic, the coffee landscape has prevailed and is now experiencing an uptick. Poetica Coffee is one of these, which began as a father’s only hope to support his family and has since grown to become one of Brooklyn’s most successful businesses in 2020.

 Poetica Coffee, founded by Parviz Mukhamadkulov and his spouse and partner Shahnoza, is a coffee shop chain that focuses on a quiet working environment and premium coffee. When he was 12 years old, Parviz discovered his passion for coffee while watching his father work as a coffee wholesaler. He always wanted to be in the coffee business but never had the opportunity to open until May of 2020. Now with his own company, Poetica Coffee’s beans are meticulously selected from around the world. “Whether you sip a classic drip or our signature drink, every drop of Poetica Coffee inspires.” Poetica Coffee

 Poetica Coffee opened its doors in Brooklyn, New York, in May 2020. In the months that followed, Parviz opened their second location, taking advantage of the pandemic’s low rent prices. Clients undoubtedly came in to do their online studying and work in the outdoor area after chairs were set up. Poetica Coffee’s two locations quickly became hubs for the Brooklyn community (6 feet apart). With that success in the midst of the pandemic, Poetica Coffee expanded throughout Brooklyn to create similar community gathering places where anyone can work on their computer and/or meet with friends they haven’t seen in months.

Since its inception in 2010, Poetica Coffee has grown to include 7 distinct locations throughout the community. Every shop is unique to the neighborhood it serves and serves the best coffee in town, in their humble opinion. “We don’t just sell coffee; we sell memories, and I believe that Poetica Coffee has a soul that many other large chains lack. We are a true Brooklyn story being written by Brooklynites every day,” says Parviz. With teleworking at an all-time high, Poetica Coffee is a part of a new era for coffee shops, providing a space for anyone to create many great things or get work done.

Coffee shops were once thought to be “the third place” between home and work, but according to Poetica Coffee founders, this is no longer the case; coffee shops are now the “second place” where work is done. Poetica Coffee provides on-site printing as well as many other services that you might need in the good old office days, aside from those dreadful cubicles where you can do your remote work. We visited Poetica’s Lorimer Street location, and it is unlike any other coffee shop we have visited; music is played at a low volume, and there are a couple of zoom calls going on in a very private and non-disturbing manner. Overall, it felt like a Google-style office where everything was relaxed and important work was being produced. 

Poetica Coffee’s website is poeticacoffee.com, and you can place your first order for pickup there. You can also follow them on Instagram at @poeticacoffee.