Meet Rafael Nuñez: The Business Owner, Entrepreneur and Author Leading the Online Reputation and Branding Industry

Meet Rafael Nuñez: The Business Owner, Entrepreneur and Author Leading the Online Reputation and Branding Industry

Rafael Núñez is the author of the book “La luz de Los Ángeles, guía de sanación”, and an entrepreneur who uses his gifts to help others. He is known for being a successful business owner as well as an expert in online reputation and branding. 

I have spent 11 years advising the main bankers and businessmen in Venezuela on everything related to online reputation or how it is also called E-Branding or Online Reputation Management. I am also a well known reference in the area of cyber-security.” Rafael shares. 

More recently, Rafael has also become a reference in the area of faith as a prayer intercessor in the field of physical, mental, and spiritual healing, with a community of more than 300,000 followers on Instagram.

Rafael currently manages several businesses such as MásQueDigital, a digital marketing agency based in Caracas that provides advisory services on the digital world, online reputation and cyber security.

In addition, Rafael runs many businesses related to Fintech. He leads digital media outlets such as and, as well as a news media outlet focused on cybersecurity called

On top of this, Rafael is part of an informative organization against child pornography ( and, and a page called focused on anti-bullying advocacy.

“My motivation to work in this industry, in particular in online reputation, came from an experience when I was working as Information Security Manager at a bank in 2009, and the president of the bank suffered a defamation attack. As a result of this experience, I decided to create a pioneering company in Latin America that could do online reputation management work.” Rafael explains.

From his colleague’s crisis, Rafael started an online reputation business because where many see unsolvable problems, he saw great opportunity. Even at a time when online reputation and cybersecurity was a very new subject.

When there was a computer attack, people sometimes lost more money because of the bad reputation generated by the vulnerability, rather than because of the data or vulnerability per se. At the time I saw it as a great opportunity and thank God I still have the main banks in the country as clients.” He says.

There are several aspects that allow Rafael’s businesses to stand out and differentiate themselves from its potential competitors. The truth is there is no tangible company that can be considered competition in the area of online reputation where MásQueDigital is a pioneer.

“Our team stands out because we have been working together for years as specialists in the area. We are responsible and have vast experience and a specialized approach to maintain our vision in terms of quality, which has resulted in the success we have had. Everyone in the team wants to be useful and not important. There are no islands of lack of communication. We are all well synchronized like a Swiss watch. We are characterized because despite global adversities we have been able to adapt.” Rafael states.

MásQueDigital’s portfolio stands out because their clients can be qualified as triple-A, that is, natural persons and companies that enjoy considerable prestige and that over the years have acquired the services of the company. 

These people really understand the value of taking care of their reputation and their cybersecurity. They know the importance of prestige in the environment in which they operate. They know the significance of projecting with us their personal life reflected in the digital world, which has helped them with their life, in relation to banks, society, and their family.” He says.

Undoubtedly, the work done by Rafael and his company brings value to their customers. They are a digital company with a global vision as part of a hyperconnected world. 

Besides continuing to grow his businesses, Rafael’s personal projects in the near future include the publication of “La luz de Los Ángeles, guía de sanación,” which is his complete guide for healing and spirituality. 

The book is a complete guide of personal experiences with prayers that help to heal and evolve in the spiritual path and above all drives us to understand things that maybe before were incomprehensible.” Rafael shares, and adds, “I am also working on an application called Reprogram Your Mind, which will provide positive affirmations that stimulate users to focus the conscience in thoughts that edify, build and feed the soul.”

In the financial field, Rafael plans to deepen his knowledge of the Fintech world, specifically in everything related to the topic of NFTs, and in the technological field, he plans to continue giving more talks to raise awareness on cybersecurity.

Learn more about Rafael and his projects here.