Meet Eduardo Dickinson Jr.: A Businessman From Humble Beginnings Who Has Distinguished Himself in New York City

Meet Eduardo Dickinson Jr.: A Businessman From Humble Beginnings Who Has Distinguished Himself in New York City

Eduardo Dickson Jr. is a businessman from humble beginnings who has distinguished himself in New York City through tenacity, talent, and commitment to the corporate world. 

Eduardo was raised in the Bronx without a father figure, but his grandmother and mother encouraged him to fight for what he wanted in life. In college, he studied economics and international trade. 

After finishing college, he decided to start a business career. Once back in the Bronx, he put a lot of effort into starting three different companies, two in real estate and one in the hospitality sector. 

Eduardo’s real estate firm safeguards international students from fraud and offers them safe, affordable housing in Manhattan’s financial district.

“Biggest challenge I faced is coming up with capital and finances to start a business since I came from poverty. I had no one to ask for a lon or help. I remember learning what credit was when I was 22 years old.” Eduardo shares, and adds, “But finding the answer is enjoyable for me; perhaps this is a result of the challenging upbringing I experienced. I welcome all difficulties.” 

Working as an image promoter at some of New York’s most upscale venues is one of Eduardo’s most exciting businesses. There, he assists in planning New York’s nightlife while giving his customers excellent service. While he has a business career, he also has a passion for art and is curious about the world.

For Eduardo, mindset is crucial because he sees comfort as a poison in the life of a doer. He thinks that being driven and having a positive outlook are essential for success in the business world. 

“My motivation to advance to the next level came from his circumstances. No matter what, a winner is a winner.” He states.

Eduardo offers straightforward advice to anyone looking to launch their own business: keep going, don’t give up, and have a mindset centered on problem-solving. 

You can’t be afraid of challenges. You have to embrace them and learn from them to be a successful entrepreneur.” Eduardo advises.

In addition to his career in real estate, Eduardo has a growing social media following. On Instagram, he posts some of his performances and comedic sketches. In the near future, he is planning to grow his YouTube channel and do more in the entertainment industry.

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