Meet Brayan Ruiz: The Successful Mentor Who Is Revolutionizing The Businesses And Investments Of Entrepreneurs And Businessmen In Latam

 Meet Brayan Ruiz: The Successful Mentor Who Is Revolutionizing The Businesses And Investments Of Entrepreneurs And Businessmen In Latam

Brayan Ruiz is quite an amazing businessman, entrepreneur and business and investments mentor. Currently, he runs two different businesses: Éxodo Capital, a financial education company and investments, and Brayan Ruiz, his personal brand and a business and investment mentoring company.

Brayan has always had entrepreneurship in his veins. He started his first business, a food sale, at the age of 17 with his girlfriend  and since then he has not stopped! Later, when he was in college, Brayan was introduced to the network marketing industry and decided to start working in it. He quickly achieved great success and great amounts of money. However, this did not last forever.

He started going into debt and spending large amounts of money, and then the covid pandemic led him to total bankruptcy. Depressed, with anxiety attacks, Brayan did not know what to do with his life or how to continue generating income.

“In the midst of this terrible situation I made the decision to get closer to God, to pray, to fast and to start studying how to get out of debt. There I realized that always, since childhood, I have been very good at structuring ideas, at systems and at processes. It’s easy for me to set action plans and stick with them, and that’s exactly what I did to get out of debt!”, Brayan explains.

In a few months, he went from owing $60,000 to only owing  $15,000 USD and so he began to offer courses on how to get out of debt in record time. Then, Brayan launched a course called “The 10% club”,  where he taught people to live with the 10% from what they earned, and he began to learn how to run his company Exodo Capital to another level.

“I began to teach more and more people not only how to get out of debt in record time but also how to structure a business that is profitable, sustainable and scalable. Then I created my personal brand, Brayan Ruiz, and today I teach people how to start a business with purpose, how to invest wisely independently as a professional with diversified portfolios and much more!”, Brayan adds.

He manages to stand out from other similar entrepreneurs because of his unique method of work. With his mentorships, he provides all his customers with intensive one-on-one and live training, and thus he obtains specific results through three stages: business mindset, financial control and the implementation of a Big Idea. Within this method, a strategic plan is designed for the freedom of all his clients by creating a purpose-driven business and learning how to invest as professionals!

What’s more, Bryan has helped thousands of people with his business mentoring and investment in Latin America. With his help, many people now enjoy successful businesses and, of course, fuller lives!

“When I started my business, I thought about everything I had lived through and I asked myself “if this has helped me, how much more can it help other people who have been or are going through the same thing?” Then I realized I could help thousands of people and earn money at the same time!”, Brayan shares.

He is currently working on organizing a massive event to fill the Movistar Arena in Bogotá, Colombia, which has a capacity of 14,000 people. As Brayan explains, it will be an event where people can learn everything they can do if they just believe in themselves! Regarding his personal life, his next goal is to get married and enjoy a sabbatical year!

To find out more about Brayan, check out his website here. You can also follow him on Instagram here.