Simone Lord Empowers Entrepreneurs to Scale with Business Growth Mindset's program: Customers on Demand

Simone Lord Empowers Entrepreneurs to Scale with Business Growth Mindset's program: Customers on Demand

Simone Lord is the General Manager of Business Growth Mindset, a company that provides coaching and mentorship programs to help entrepreneurs and small business owners achieve their goals.

Business Growth Mindset offers a comprehensive program called Customers on Demand that is designed to help service-based businesses generate more leads, convert them into sales, and scale their operations. 

Customers on Demand provides participants with a proven plan to double their revenue in 12 months or less, as well as strategies to work with their dream clients, develop confidence and clarity in their offers and sales process, and create a profitable cash flow system.

Customers on Demand has been designed for small business owners or solopreneurs that want to upskill themselves on all things sales and marketing whilst having ongoing live support from our team of experts as well as being a part of an exceptional community,” says Simone.

Simone’s journey into coaching and entrepreneurship was not a straight path. After a successful corporate career in finance and accounting, Simone found herself overwhelmed by the demands of her job and her personal life. She decided to start her own fitness business, but the COVID-19 pandemic hit just three months after she launched, forcing her to pivot to an online model.

I say that my coaching career was accidental because my entry into business couldn’t have been at a worse time. I started my fitness business in January 2020 – just 3 months before the first wave of covid hit Australia,” Simone shares.

Simone’s business struggled during the lockdowns, and she reached out to Kristian Livolsi, the founder of Business Growth Mindset, for help. Kristian offered to work with Simone as a part of his corporate social responsibility program, and with Kristian’s guidance, Simone was able to transform her business model and quadruple her revenue in just 4 months. 

Impressed by Simone’s skills and potential, Kristian invited her to join his team at Business Growth Mindset, offering her the role of General Manager. Simone’s decision to join Kristian’s company and pause her own business was a strategic one. 

Kristian knew that I didn’t have any more money to invest into coaching or mentoring. I’d already invested over $100,000 and had not reached the results I needed to succeed. Kristian offered to work with me for free for 12 weeks 1:1 in his corporate social responsibility program. He wanted to prove to me that the right strategies with the right mentor could transform a business in ways you can only dream of and I got to experience that,” Simone explains.

Simone’s passion for coaching and mentorship has been a driving force throughout her entrepreneurial journey. She believes that having a business mentor is crucial for success, as they can provide guidance, expertise, and accountability to help entrepreneurs reach their goals.

The purpose of a mentor is to guide you with their experiences and expertise so you can reach the success and freedom that you desire. This is why it’s so important to ensure that the people you are choosing to listen to and surround yourself with have been where you want to go. Their success and failures will leave clues for you to learn from,” Simone emphasizes.

Through her work at Business Growth Mindset, Simone Lord coaches and supports hundreds of entrepreneurs, helping them to overcome challenges, develop their skills, and achieve their business objectives. 

I’ve really found my passion and purpose through supporting business owners leveraging all my education, expertise, and experiences. I love to learn and surrounding myself with people like Kristian ensures that I get the best of both worlds of continuing my personal and professional development learning from him, whilst doing what I love in coaching and mentoring business owners,” Simone expresses.

If you’re a service-based business owner looking to take your company to the next level, join Simone Lord and the Customers on Demand program. With their proven strategies, ongoing support, and thriving community, you can unlock your full potential and achieve the success and freedom you deserve.