Manah Offers Corporate Branding, Marketing and International Press Services: Meet Estela Rotmistrovsky, the Serial Entrepreneur Behind It

Manah Offers Corporate Branding, Marketing and International Press Services: Meet Estela Rotmistrovsky, the Serial Entrepreneur Behind It

Estela Rotmistrovsky is the serial entrepreneur and CEO behind Manah, a public relations company based in Miami, which focuses on corporate branding, marketing and international press.

From a very young age, Estela, who is originally from Paraguay, had wanted to have an impact on the world through her actions, achieving her goals and leaving a mark. She was raised in a humble family surrounded by love and solidarity.

“I moved to Argentina at a young age and ended up earning Argentinian nationality after a while. In Argentina, I began to train and learn as much as I could. I was valedictorian in high school and obtained excellent grades in college. This helped me get an internship when I was 18 years old, in one of the most important advertising agencies in the region, Publicis Groupe.” Estela shares.

Today, Estela is an expert in the design and execution of strategic business plans, and focuses on press, marketing and branding through her company Manah, which offers a variety of communications services.

“Manah’s main objective is to offer people innovative business solutions with creativity for companies, products and brands to establish themselves in a significantly competitive market. We provide services in corporate branding and marketing, international press, development of websites, and more.” Estela explains.

Estela was motivated to start Manah after having learned a lot and gained experience working in large companies such as Grupo Clarín and Infobae, which left her with a lot of knowledge and skills to be able to start her own company. 

“Since then, I have not stopped learning and specializing in order to provide quality service. My motto has always been: ‘The True Entrepreneur is a doer, not just a dreamer.’” Estela states.

In today’s time, Estela is convinced that media relations are of vital importance because they represent one of the best options for people and businesses to have a presence, achieve impact, and grow in the market.

Since 2019, Estela and Manah have been able to overcome a variety of obstacles such as adapting to different cultures and needs of brands and customers, and working from Argentina while providing services to the whole region.

“The team at Manah has been able to surpass these obstacles, managing to exceed their own expectations.” Estela says.

There are many things that make Estela stand out from others. First, she is a member of the Argentine American Chamber of Commerce, a prestigious group of Argentine Americans based in the United States. 

Second, Estela has been able to position Manah in the Hispanic market in the United States through constant work, effort, dedication and professionalism. Lastly, in every job or project she does, she expresses her own passion and what she represents. 

“I believe that every entrepreneur must be willing to go the extra mile. They have to be constant, disciplined and persevering. For every closed door, there is another opportunity waiting.” She states, and adds, “For me every challenge is an opportunity to learn, which is why they are my driving force. I feel fulfilled when I have a positive impact on people’s lives, either personally or professionally.”

Additionally, Estela advises people thinking about launching or growing their own business, as well as people wanting to build their own brand to study, read and specialize in whatever area they dream of working in. 

“I also consider it is very important to surround yourself with mentors that can support your personal and professional growth.” Estela adds.

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