Barbara Sanchez: From Miss Amazonas to Successful Entertainment Entrepreneur at AMZ Miami

Barbara Sanchez: From Miss Amazonas to Successful Entertainment Entrepreneur at AMZ Miami

Barbara Sanchez, known to many as a TV, radio, events, and entrepreneurial entertainer, has left a lasting mark in the entertainment world. Born in the city of El Tigre, Venezuela, Barbara always dreamed of being recognized in the world of beauty. 

In 2006, she had the opportunity to participate in the most prestigious beauty pageant in her country, Miss Venezuela, where she was the second runner up as Miss Amazonas. 

This experience allowed Barbara to represent her nation on the international stage, opening the doors to a successful career as a model on the catwalks of Venezuela and other Latin American countries.

However, Barbara decided to explore new horizons and in 2008 she ventured into the world of entertainment as a show host. Since then, she has fallen in love with this profession and has continued to grow in it.

After working on various television shows, doing radio, and hosting social events, Barbara decided to expand her reach to digital platforms, which led her to create AMZ Miami, which is a space dedicated to entertainment and showbiz events that shares interviews with artists and news about art and entertainment.

I was previously working with another digital media outlet and had bad experiences so I decided to start a project based on my own experience and the knowledge I have acquired during all the years I have been in the field,” comments Barbara.

Barbara decided to start her business to take advantage of her talents along with those of her team. So together with Angel Ramos, a prominent Venezuelan photographer, and her husband Carlos Velasquez, the idea of AMZ Miami was born. 

We’ve been working for a couple of months now, and we’ve had a good reception with the public we reach. More than 1 million people visit us every month,” says Barbara. 

What sets Barbara and AMZ Miami apart is not only their talent and experience but also their open attitude toward collaborations and partnerships. They are willing to match other successful media outlets and work together to drive the growth of the entertainment industry.

Like all entrepreneurs, Barbara has faced significant challenges in starting her business. One of the biggest challenges was starting over in another country, but she sees it as an opportunity to grow and apply everything she has learned in the past. 

If you think you are going to fail, there is no point in continuing. In that case, you must change your mentality,” Barbara states.

Based on her experience as a successful entrepreneur, Barbara has valuable advice for those who are trying to start their own business or brand. Her advice is simple but powerful: start now! Often, it takes a long time.

She also encourages others to venture out and build on a solid foundation. Over time, the public, customers, and consumers will serve as a guide to steer the business in the right direction.

Looking ahead, Barbara plans to continue growing AMZ Miami, both on Instagram and YouTube. Although she does not rule out other projects in radio or television, she is enjoying this new venture that allows her to develop as a host and producer. 

With the support of her team, including two talented reporters, Yeliana Taricani and Lusmairyn Figuera, Barbara is looking to continue expanding her platform and establishing alliances and collaborations with other successful media outlets to achieve further growth.

In addition to her entertainment career, Barbara also owns a supplement brand called ItsPossible, which offers personal care and health products in more than 40 countries. This additional facet demonstrates her versatility as an entrepreneur and her ability to expand into different industries.