The Amazing Benefits of Comedy: Deivis Correa Shares More

The Amazing Benefits of Comedy: Deivis Correa Shares More

Laughter has famously been considered the “best medicine.” This healing power undoubtedly finds its base in the moments of self-reflective euphoria that come with every well-presented passing joke or remark. No matter if a joke deals with politics, an ideology or a clumsy, bumbling friend, there is no uniting force better than red cheeks and dripping eyes.

We are constantly surrounded by humor every day of our lives. Whether it is a funny picture or video, a joke your friend told you, or a TV show or movie, comedy is all around us. It is something that is integrated into our society as a part of our everyday life.  In addition, it is a part of life itself that has completely changed the course of history. If you think about it, we might not even be here if it weren’t for the ability to laugh, or the people who make us laugh.

In that sense, Deivis Correa is a successful comedian who has won the hearts of his audience thanks to his excellent work. “I’m an empirical and versatile comedian because I easily adapt to any comedy format: Stand up, jokes, imitation, musicals, acting and more, that is what makes me really different from the rest! I can make people laugh in any context!”, he shares.

From the day Deivis got on stage for the first time and made his audience laugh, he knew he couldn’t do anything else in life. He had found his passion. Currently, comedy is part of his lifestyle and not a single day goes by that he doesn’t make others laugh.

It all started in 2010, when he was in a stand up comedy with some friends and he dared to go on stage and do his first show. “When I watched the video of that night I felt ashamed because the first show is not always the best, but it didn’t matter. That first performance was really important, so I took advantage of the momentum and worked hard to improve”, Deivis adds.

To date, he manages to stand out by being original and getting noticed with his genuine personality. Deivis truly loves his job and, above all, he strives to help people be happier through laughter.

So far, 2023 is being a really exciting year for him as Deivis is doing comedy tours in his country and plans to extend them internationally. What’s more, he is working on the launching of his new podcast, where his entire audience will be able to enjoy his facet as a social communicator,  a career he studied at college.

He’s constantly sharing content through his social media platforms, where Deivis has a wide community of followers who love his work and, above all, laugh like never before.

“If you’re looking to start your own business, be self-critical but not self-destructive, allow yourself to dream and let your imagination run wild, from there creativity begins to flow”, he advises.

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