Natalia Garrido Is The Female Entrepreneur Who Never Gave Up & Now Owns Two Successful Businesses: Scroll Down For More!

 Natalia Garrido Is The Female Entrepreneur Who Never Gave Up & Now Owns Two Successful Businesses: Scroll Down For More!

Women are a crucial part of entrepreneurship and will continue to lead change for years down the lane. Owing to their ingenuity, they bring with them economic growth, innovation, creativity, and productivity. They also inspire other women and individuals to become business owners and be financially independent. 

Women are embracing the challenges and thriving as entrepreneurs. They are set to change the world and mark their robust presence. And it won’t be wrong to say that owing to their talent, intelligence, perseverance, dedication, and creativity, women entrepreneurs are driving the change in the current scenario.

That’s the case of Natalia Garrido, a successful businesswoman and entrepreneur, owner of the company Fix International Business LLC in Miami and the founder of “Empresas Conscientes” in Colombia. Natalia is positively impacting the lives of thousands of people through her hard work, passion and determination for helping people and generating social change.

She studied International Business Administration in Medellin, Colombia, her home country. Her beginnings in the business field were in administrative positions at  basic levels, but little by little and thanks to her many capabilities, she was climbing in the industry and acquiring greater responsibilities.

“Shortly after, I decided to continue my path as an independent business woman and entrepreneur. I created my import and export business, then I expanded my portfolio and created a travel agency company. Then, seeing that many colleagues asked me for advice, I decided to create the foundation “Empresas Conscientes” to help entrepreneurs emerge”, Natalia explains.

“Empresas Conscientes” is a foundation that supports entrepreneurs to create conscious companies and healthier business cultures, which are so necessary in today’s society. They also seek to promote the  strengthening of their capacity for innovation and create and support entrepreneurial activities, seeking resources for their sustainability.

What’s more, at the foundation Natalia created a program called “CRE-SER” where she and her team members help mothers who are heads of families by teaching them manicure courses and diverse nail techniques, so that they can learn, progress and create their own source of income.

Seeing how successful Natalia is today, it would be easy to think that her beginnings as an entrepreneur were easy. But quite the opposite! She had to deal with a series of difficulties, including dealing with people who did not believe in her projects and with strongly negative first reactions. 

But these obstacles, instead of breaking her down, made her stronger, which is one of the main qualities of women entrepreneurs today. “All these challenges made me stronger! I managed to do everything by myself and so far I have not had to partner to continue growing. Now my company, Miami Fix international business LLC, is a great source of happiness for me and for my loved ones”, she adds.

In a business world as crowded as today’s, Natalia manages to stand out because of her extensive expertise, knowledge and attention to detail. She’s a really passionate and hard working woman, who has raised 3 children on her own.

“For me, success is being able to improve everyday, to establish short-term goals that lead me to obtain great results and, above all, to help others. That is my purpose in life!”, Natalia comments.

Women entrepreneurs are the backbone of our society. They are the ones who create and innovate. They are the ones who make our world better and more sustainable and bring social equity. Entrepreneurship has shaped our society from the stone age, and it will continue to shape it in the future, just like Natalia is doing.

In fact, her success story is that of a person with a growth mindset who is creating history. With more women guiding the way, much like her, young girls have strong and successful role models in how to start and establish a successful business.

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