From Design to Ink: Ana Sofía Uriza's Journey in Micro-realistic Tattoo Artistry

From Design to Ink: Ana Sofía Uriza's Journey in Micro-realistic Tattoo Artistry

Recognized for her tattoo art, Ana Sofía Uriza has elevated micro-realism to an extraordinary level and reshaped the perception of tattoos as a proper form of artistic expression. Ana became a distinctive presence in this industry as the owner of a recognized studio, Pícara Clavel.

Ana grew up with a passion for art. Despite her early-age dreams of becoming a tattoo artist,  social expectations led her toward a more conventional path. She earned a degree in Design from the esteemed University of Los Andes in Bogotá, Colombia. 

After experimenting and working as a designer, Ana made a life-altering decision in a genuine act of self-discovery during the pandemic. She fully immersed herself in the captivating world of tattooing, transforming her passion into a full-time profession and departing from the security of her Design career.

This moment marked the starting point for Ana’s personal healing. After dealing with anorexia for six years, Ana discovered in the artistry of ink a profound form of expression, reclaiming her body as a canvas for beauty and resilience and overcoming this condition.

“It was one of those days in the middle of the pandemic when I looked around and didn’t like the life I was building. So I remembered my dream of being a tattoo artist again, but I saw it as a possible reality this time.” Ana mentions.

With her studio, Pícara Clavel, Ana fully committed herself to her art, showing her impeccable skills since the beginning. She placed herself into a distinctive niche in the Ink scene, focusing on micro-realism and, particularly, inspired by the beauty of antique objects.

Her style and realism technique, marked by intricate detail, delicacy, and a touch of elegance, have captivated clients and fellow artists alike.

The impact of her journey extends far beyond Colombian borders. With just two years of experience, her excellence has garnered local recognition and invitations as a guest artist to prestigious European studios.

“I feel that in tattooing, I found my true place in this world,” She expressed.

Tattooing goes beyond conventional ideas of beauty, according to Ana, representing a purposeful acceptance of pain to express something significant and personal. In her perspective, it involves embellishing the skin with a mark that holds individual significance, 

for aesthetic reasons or as a homage to someone or something important in each client’s life.

Looking ahead to her future projects, Ana Sofía strongly desires to continue navigating through tattooing artistry, opening new perspectives for Pícara Clavel. She envisions traveling extensively, pushing boundaries, and gaining inspiration from diverse experiences that can enrich her as a professional and artist.

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