Enjoy a Luxury & Exclusive Experience In Mexico Thanks To Beyond Homes Luxury, The Successful Travel Agency That Is Revolutionizing The Industry

Enjoy a Luxury & Exclusive Experience In Mexico Thanks To Beyond Homes Luxury, The Successful Travel Agency That Is Revolutionizing The Industry

Mexico is one of the year’s hottest destinations, with ancient ruins, magnificent beaches, cosmopolitan cities, mariachis, tortillas, and much more! This lively country has a culture everyone is familiar with and there is something for everyone to enjoy. Visiting Mexico guarantees warm weather and lots of incredible landscapes, since it truly is a tropical treasure trove.

In that sense, Beyond Homes Luxury is a luxury travel agency that provides access to the most prestigious and exceptional vacation home rentals in Mexico. Their villas offer the highest level of luxury as well as the possibility of enjoying a lot of luxury travel experiences in the country. 

They offer over 300 luxury villas and houses in more than 15 destinations in Mexico, mainly located in the Riviera Maya -Cancun, Playa del Carmen Tulum and their surroundings- Punta Mita, Vallarta, Valle de Bravo and Los Cabos. What’s more, they provide many type of services and luxury experiences to their clients, including private chefs, luxury transportation, private planes, private yachts, private security, access to the best golf and beach clubs in the area, and much more!

Ivan Ayrton Marquez and Andrei Ramirez are the successful founders of the business. In addition, Elian Marquez is the CMO and Marketing and Sales Director of Beyond Homes. Together, they have consolidated the company as a luxury vacation benchmark in Mexico. Andrei has extensive experience in marketing strategies and team leadership, while Ivan is an expert in business management and strategies. Elian, for his part, is an expert in digital marketing, international sales and SEO. These three businessmen, leaders in their respective industries, have played a fundamental role in the success of the company!

“At Beyond Homes we carefully evaluate each of the villas in our portfolio, as we care about the privacy and security of our clients, therefore all villas have been previously inspected and contacted by our team of travel specialists to ensure the high quality of each one of them”, reads their website.

The company manages to stand out because they provide the best rates in the market and they have an amazing customer service who is 100% dedicated to helping the clients find the perfect villa. Plus, they have local hosts in every destination with more than 10 years of experience, and all their villas have been inspected by their team of travel experts.

“We founded Beyond Homes by combining our passion for travel, sales, entrepreneurship and personal growth. That was born, five years ago, this amazing platform for renting luxury villas in Mexico, with a service that exceeds 5 stars”, the founders share.

Undoubtedly, Beyond Homes is one of the best luxury villa rental agencies in Mexico, offering a high level of exclusivity, security and privacy in their portfolio villas. What’s more, they have hosted more than 200 clients in their properties with a 5-star rating in their services.

“Our customer service is highly personalized and focused on offering an unforgettable experience. We’re proud to be the only Mexican company that has in its portfolio the best luxury villas for vacation rentals with more than 300 luxury villas. Also, we have agents ready to answer any request 24/7! Our team is always here to help our customers by offering them a wide number of options according to their requirements”, Ivan and Andrei add.

They’re currently working on continuing growing and expanding Beyond Homes, as well as expanding its portfolio of luxury villas in Mexico. They also plan to incorporate new services as well as the rental of private islands for the more adventurous and exotic travelers, so stay tuned!

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