Esteban Vicuña, Political Consultant: “In 2024, Latin America Yearns for a Leader Who Turns Emotions into Solutions”

Esteban Vicuña, Political Consultant: “In 2024, Latin America Yearns for a Leader Who Turns Emotions into Solutions”

Esteban Vicuña, a seasoned political consultant with over 15 years of experience, has worked in countries such as Colombia, Ecuador, El Salvador, Spain, Mexico, Haiti, the Dominican Republic, and Venezuela. Today, he offers an insightful analysis of the Latin American electorate’s behavior in the context of the upcoming 2024 elections.

Vicuña, renowned for his involvement with prominent political leaders like Nayib Bukele and Guillermo Lasso, takes us on a journey across different countries in Latin America set to hold elections in 2024.

In a recent interview, Vicuña asserted that the behavior of the Latin American electorate is strikingly similar, although he emphasized that not all campaigns are alike. “Latin America can be likened to one vast nation. While there are nuances between them, the essence of voter behavior remains remarkably consistent. What varies are the candidates and their approaches to presenting their proposals.”

The consultant has encountered numerous candidates seeking to replicate Bukele’s campaign. “Being part of Nayib Bukele’s consulting team often leads political figures from various countries to seek you out, hoping to recreate that campaign in their own country because they believe it’s what the electorate desires. However, making such claims without proper research is highly irresponsible.” Vicuña, a firm advocate of research, confirmed the widespread sentiment in Latin America regarding the Bukele doctrine but emphasized the distinct realities of each country. “Comparing one country to another is futile. Each has its own unique circumstances, problems, and solutions. Bukele’s communication style may be innovative and effective, but outdated communication models persist in various Latin American countries.”

The political advisor simplified the formula for electoral success. “Today, voters seek more than just entertainment or expertise from their leaders. They seek empathy and tangible solutions. They seek someone who not only understands their frustrations but also delivers palpable results. They seek someone who turns their emotions into solutions.”

Vicuña provided insights into countries holding presidential elections this year, stating:

“In Mexico, despite all candidates’ shortcomings, MORENA’s numbers still hold strong. To counter this, an unique, unconventional candidate is needed, yet the opposition’s lack of unity remains a hurdle. That’s why Morena will hold onto power.”

Vicuña concluded by urging current political candidates in Latin America to aim for voters’ hearts with proposals addressing significant issues. He emphasized the importance of understanding contemporary communication codes to achieve this goal.