Zelma Sanchez is the CEO of Dollzhouse Nails, and is Teaching Other Women To Launch Their Own Entrepreneurship Projects

Zelma Sanchez is the CEO of Dollzhouse Nails, and is Teaching Other Women To Launch Their Own Entrepreneurship Projects

In the fashion and beauty industry, it is not enough to have fashionable clothes and accessories because the physical appearance is essential as well. Many professionals stand out with beautiful work when it comes to nails, for example. 

Zelma Sanchez is the CEO of Dollzhouse Nails, which is both a nail shop with many products and services available, as well as a nail academy that teaches people how to make their own designs and catch the eye.

Zelma is also a nail artist and instructor at DollZHouse nails academy. She has been doing nails since 2008, and is a nail technician with 14 years in the industry. She comes from a second generation of cosmetologists. 

At the beginning, Zelma cut and dyed hair, but she was always deeply attracted to nail art. This is what also led to her line of nail care products. It was after working for other companies helping them sell their products that Zelma obtained enough experience to launch her own business.

“I decided to create my own with my touches, my taste. I created something glamorous and feminine. I believe that starting my own company was the best decision I’ve made. I hope to see it grow much more.” Zelma shares.

Zelma was inspired to start her own business and go further with her nail art and products by her experiences living shortages and overcoming dire circumstances when she lived in Mexico. She wanted to make sure her three children did not go through that too.

I promised myself that we would never go through that situation again, me and my daughter. I was determined to move my family forward.” Zelma states, and adds, “I am also motivated by the desire to help other women with their own entrepreneurship by teaching them how to make nail art.”

What sets Zelma apart from her competitors is the love she puts into her work and the impeccable way she does it. Her clients seek her services because of the quality of her work, products, and teaching.

Zelma also believes that it is important for mothers to make a living doing something they love and not having to work 10-12 hours a day to get by. She is determined to spend more time with her daughter and help other women do the same.

“Entrepreneurship is like a kind of mountain with its plains, peaks, rocky areas, but when you learn to deal with it all, and you focus on your work, you are rewarded. I want to continue to help other women with their entrepreneurship projects.” Zelma says.

For Zelma, success is about ensuring her children are doing well and having a job she enjoys and loves. Anything else would just be a bonus. This thinking overcomes her fear of failure. 

“The biggest challenges in all businesses come because we think everything will be successful at the beginning. But no one tells you the dark side of being an entrepreneur. I believe the key to success is perseverance. Mindset is fundamental when it comes to entrepreneurship for sure.” She comments.

For anyone looking to start their own business, Zelma believes it is important to choose an area they love and that allows them to merge their personal and work life easily. 

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