Xisfo is the Best Startup To Invest In Right Now: They Offer Banking Services To Non-Traditional markets and Low-Access Sectors

Xisfo is the Best Startup To Invest In Right Now: They Offer Banking Services To Non-Traditional markets and Low-Access Sectors

Carlos Quintero is a businessman, entrepreneur, and the CEO Xisfo, a company in the Fintech industry that offers a variety of products to non-traditional markets and sectors with low access to banking. 

Carlos is a visionary, who six years ago realized that there were technological and financial needs that were being neglected by traditional banking. With this in mind, he founded Xisfo.  

“I noticed there was a lack of knowledge and access to banking for certain groups of people such as content creators, software houses, and gamers, as well as many people who live and work in vulnerable sectors and are medium-high risk for traditional banking.” Carlos shares. 

As an entrepreneur attracted to challenges, Carlos decided to enter the Fintech industry despite the fact that few people believed in his project and other doors were closed to him. 

Carlos did not accept no as an answer and had the firm conviction and confidence that he and his team could overcome adversity and bring to fruition any project within their reach. 

“Some of the biggest challenges of starting Xisfo was dealing with customers’ trust of traditional banking and the disinformation, mistrust and the lack of knowledge about the fintech market, as well as the growing competition from international players.” Carlos explains. 

But little by little, Xisfo has been growing and they already support more than 3,000 clients and have earned the respect and recognition of many people in other industries. Besides, they have always known they are not competing with traditional banking. 

“We do not intend to compete with traditional banking. By having a niche and a defined segment of all those people who do not have access to banking, this allows us to be the first option for each of our clients due to the trust, stability and trajectory that we have. We offer tailor-made products to meet the specific needs of our customers.” Carlos states. 

Xisfo Bank is the best option for all disruptive and creative people, who have a vision and want to be at the next level. They have made a promise to all its customers, focused on four aspects: 

1) Service: Provide the best service with unparalleled quality through its staff of young people who resolve any questions through different channels in order to help customers with their transactions.  

2) Security: All transactions made with Xisfo generate support in such a way that a person can have control of the whole process.  

3) Technology: Xisfo uses state-of-the-art technology through an intuitive and user-friendly platform so that all transactions are easy to perform and can be controlled from a single control panel.  

4) Accompaniment: The Xisfo team accompanies their customers through all their international transactions. 

Carlos advises people who want to start their own business to make sure they are responding to a real or potential need in the market they decide to enter. To know that, they should conduct an internal and external analysis of the market first. 

“With an internal and external market, people can be clear about the business objective. From there, they can generate a network of contacts and strategic alliances to develop their work based on a business plan always focused on the reality of the market.” He advises. 

In addition, Carlos also believes that to achieve success in business people must have a strong mindset because it makes it easier to have a clear and objective vision of the business.  

In the near future, Carlos will continue to learn in order to become a better version of himself every day. Future plans for Xisfo include entering the Latin America market and positioning the company to expand and scale. 

“With more than six years of experience, we consider it is time to use disruptive technologies as a lever to empower our clients who occupy the heart of our activities.  We are convinced we are the best opportunity for companies that want to make a growth investment.” Carlos says. 

To do this, they are searching for capital that can allow them to achieve growth with greater strength and speed. Learn more about Carlos and Xisfo and how to help, here