Womans’ advocate and Media Professional KC. Fox- creating the next generation of female leaders

Womans’ advocate and Media Professional KC. Fox- creating the next generation of female leaders

According to the Harvard Business Review, in the United States, an astounding 17% of Black women are in the process of starting or running new businesses. Never before have we seen such potential for Black women to elevate their voice and their careers, and to achieve social and economic equality. Meet K.C. Fox, one of many successful entrepreneurs, and with over 24 years of American media knowledge and experience. Currently, K.C Fox runs a media and crisis communication firm with multiple verticals, along with several leadership and film production companies, creative services, branding, marketing, and two successful non profit organizations. 

Prior to building her empire, she worked for Tribune Media, where she held the title Director of Broadcasting Technology. K.C., the only female as well as one the youngest to hold this title in the fifth largest market in the country. 

As many African American women, K.C. Fox struggled throughout her career, dealing with racial and gender disparities in long-term career positions in the U.S.First she is a double minority raised in a family where excellence wasn’t really promoted, and second, struggled with poverty even though she didn’t realize it was poverty at the time. 

Nevertheless, the immediate efforts K.C. Fox made, which helped her accelerate this change and provide near-term benefits in her career, while being a single mom, was serving in the military for 9 years. During her service to country she received the Air Force Achievement Medal, General Petraeus Coin Recipient, General Forsyth Outstanding Airman Award, two- time Airman of the Year Nominee, 506th Air Expeditionary Group Top Airman Combat Zone, 322nd Air Expeditionary Wing Airman of the Month Combat Zone and three-time Top Instructor award recipient.

Now K.C. Fox is the founder of The Lady General Foundation, a founding member of Sisters of the Movement, a member of the National Association of Black Journalist, Women in Media, and a member of the National Council of Negro Women. She is also a member of One Billion Rising, The Golden Circle, and served as the Second VP of the NAACP- Dallas where she oversaw the political action, legal redress, communications and health committees. She also joined the ranks of the first chartered chapter of the National Coalition of 100 Black Women where she chaired The Civil Rights and Citizens training committees.

“Understanding my value was much more than what was being presented to me as my motivation. Coming to the realization that my mash up of skills were necessary in the workspace was everything. The right mindset is required to jumpstart your business. Not a logo and not a bunch of money, but a legit, certified mindset. Everything else stems from that” says K.C. Fox. 

Anyone with the right mindset can receive notable accolades if one is a motivated entrepreneur with the right mindset, and true to themselves. 

Recently, she laid her claims in the tech space launching An All-Female Co. Which is a tech-based educational company focused on minority based services and products. She continues to oversee and manage her film production company Blue Yams with partners in the industry that share her vision of storytelling.

 Now she is seeking graduate credentials at Harvard University in strategic management while currently holding degrees in Journalism, Emergency Management, Non-profit Management, film, telecommunications, radio, broadcasting, real estate, and criminal justice.

To find out more about K.C. Fox check out her website at thekcfox.com and follow her on Instagram @thekcfoxx