Wlaminca Fitness Found their Key to Success in the World of Kettlebells. Find Out More Below.

Wlaminca Fitness Found their Key to Success in the World of Kettlebells. Find Out More Below.

When the world shut down, one of the first places to close for months on end were gyms. This meant that many people lost their hobbies and sense of community, as well as a great way to work out and stay healthy. For many people, they transitioned from working out at a gym to working out at home with home equipment. However, getting equipment for your workouts can be difficult and expensive. 

Wlaminca Fitness is helping people get the most out of their fitness experience even in the strange times that we live in. They started out as a gym, but were also forced to close in early 2020 when the pandemic took away the ability to be at a gym.

“Wlaminca fitness started in January 2019 as a personal training company. The company’s main focus was to provide top of the line personal training to high performing individuals. They focused on strength training using tools like the barbell, dumbbells, cables and kettlebells. In 2020 when the world pandemic hit, gyms were forced to close and all training sessions turned into house calls or virtual sessions,” Wladimir Salas explains.

Wladimir, the CEO and founder of Wlaminca Fitness, had to pivot quickly to keep his business afloat. He did so by quickly pivoting his business to a fully online space, but he went a step further than that as well. Wladimir also sought to supply equipment to his customers.

“Soon the company had figured out that kettlebells were the top tool to train during the pandemic due to their versatility and efficiency in not taking up alot of space. The only problem was that so had the rest of the US and the world. Every kettlebell company seemed to be out of stock, so after weeks of shopping around, Wlaminca Fitness was able to put a order of 14

kettlebells for them and their clients, but the order never made it to south Florida as the kettlebells were actually out of stock, so at that moment i decided to start creating my own,” Wladimir states.

This happy accident for Wlaminca Fitness became their biggest asset. Though they started off small in terms of their production capabilities, they now manufacture hundreds of kettlebells each day, but most importantly, they are back to being able to provide that community feeling that they started off with in their original personal training fitness business.

“We started out with just two sizes: 8kg & 16kg. We later came out with the full line including sizes 4kg 8kg 12kg 16kg 20kg 24kg 28kg 32kg. Now, Wlaminca Fitness supplies the US with their line of kettlebells alongside kettlebell training events around the east coast with affiliate trainers that are all Russian Kettlebell Certfied (RKC) in Florida, Georgia, Ohio & New York.With their official kettlebell tour kicking off in April they plan to hit 4 states & 8 cities. We plan to not just sell kettlebells, but teach the correct & most efficient way to use them while having some fun with it .That’s why each kettlebell purchase comes with a complementary session with one of our affiliate kettlebell certified trainers.Wlaminca Fitness Headquarters is in Miami Beach, FL where they host their 305 Kettlebell Club three times during the week and twice on the weekends outside on the sand in sunny South Beach. We are a club that focuses strictly on true hardstyle kettlebell training, while bringing the community together in a fun way,” Wladimir says.

With so much more to do in the kettlebell community, Wlaminca Fitness has big plans for the future. Wladimir details them below:

“As of now production has started for the bigger size kettlebells including 36kg 40kg 44kg. Going on tour and doing  Kettlebell training events in Coral Gables FL, Hollywood FL,Boyton Beach FL, Fort Lauderdale FL, Orlando FL,  Cleveland OH, Atlanta GA & Manhattan NY. Our goal is also to grow our Kettlebell club the “305 Kettlebell Club” we plan to expand to all neighborhoods of Miami-Dade County.”

To find out more about Wladimir and Wlaminca fitness, follow them on instagram here and check out their website here.