What It’s Like To Live With and Beyond Wealth With “Top Entrepreneur to Follow” Pascal Bachmann

What It’s Like To Live With and Beyond Wealth With “Top Entrepreneur to Follow” Pascal Bachmann

Pascal Bachmann has been turning heads given his reputation as a successful man in both business and life. He is an entrepreneur, author, coach, speaker, investor, and philanthropist. Apart from those, he is also the CEO of Strategy Achievers, an advisory, marketing, and branding firm that helps entrepreneurs achieve their goals and scale their businesses through effective strategies. 

“I’m not teaching from the books. I’m teaching from experience and what real life has taught me. I don’t believe in competition. I think it’s about finding the tribe that best resonates with you. I design programs that are personalized and proven to work 100% for all my clients,” Pascal elaborated when discussing what sets his work apart.

Despite his achievements in life, Pascal’s story did not start with better conditions. He’s a Swiss immigrant who grew up in an orphanage with his two brothers. To sustain his family and himself, he worked as a butcher, a painter, a construction worker, a martial arts instructor, a fitness trainer, and even a DJ.

After filling different roles, working as a salesman finally allowed him to fulfill his dream to become a martial arts professional. In 1996, he competed for the Taekwondo World Championship title in Taiwan. Despite his great strides, Pascal’s ascent in the world of martial arts was cut short when he suffered from an unfortunate accident. Ultimately, this marked the end of his career in the field. Nevertheless, his love and passion for martial arts remained. Given the circumstances, Pascal decided to redefine himself and entered the entrepreneurial world.

Today, Pascal holds an astounding business portfolio showcasing his achievements through the years. He has started 7 companies in 3 different industries, built a franchise with 13 branches, coached more 20,000 people, and generated over 20 million dollars in revenue. Moreover, he is an award-winning speaker, both in New York and Germany.

He is also considered one of the most accomplished entrepreneurs since 2019 and  was featured as one of the “Top Entrepreneurs to Follow” by Yahoo Finance. Even in his lowest moments, he managed to overcome challenges, rise above, and become better. When he experienced an 8-figure bankruptcy, he chose to learn and grow from it and used his newfound realizations and lessons in his next endeavors. 

Now, with Strategy Achievers, he helps others achieve success without necessarily going through the rough path he went through. When asked what inspired Pascal to insert himself into the coaching industry, he answered, “I see the need for personal development. Today’s society is full of followers, and it needs leaders. True leaders! Leaders who empower and educate people on how to master business and life. I learned early that if you want your business to grow, you as a person need to grow too.”

In line with his passion for personal development, Pascal launched his CORE4 program, which consists of systems that help the lives of entrepreneurs become easier and healthier. From branding and PR to personal self-development, the program covers everything an entrepreneur needs to build true business success and find fulfillment in life! The objective of the CORE4 program is to help you create and follow strategies that increase your productivity and efficiency. Likewise, it would help you in attaining optimal performance in its four pillars—health, mind, harmony, and wealth.

For Pascal, the road to success begins with clarity. “Get clarity and the right strategy. Clarity on what you want, why you want it, and for whom you want it for. Then create a strategy and follow it consistently, or even better, have a mentor or coach who has already achieved what you are trying to achieve.” And Pascal is right here to help you find clarity in achieving the success you’ve always wanted for yourself!

Watch out for Pascal’s new book, Irresponsible Society, scheduled to be released by the end of 2022. It is a wake-up call for us to understand and reassess the world we live in and how we live in it. As a leader himself, he believes in the need for self-awareness and acknowledgment of one’s responsibilities. “Shift your perception to something that benefits you and others, lead by example and demonstrate that “it” can be done,” he always says.

You can know more about Pascal and the businesses he’s involved with here, and you can connect with him here to follow his journey and his different projects.