Viral Media: Organic Social Media Positioning & Growth

Viral Media: Organic Social Media Positioning & Growth

Viral Media is a digital marketing agency with more than 10 years of experience positioning artists, businesses and public figures. With its effective strategies and campaigns to drive your social media, it has more than 15,000 clients worldwide.

“We believe people can take advantage of their social media as long as they are advised by the right people, which is what we do. We share our knowledge to the people that use our products”, establishes Wilson Ortiz, founder of this brand. Viral Media offers all types of services for social media, particularly targeting organic positioning.

Wilson Ortiz personally saw and experienced the bad counseling of some agencies, which was his initial motivation to start his own business of this sort. He decided to set aside traditional methods of growth in social media and focused on bringing the best services of positioning to his clients. In his own words, Wilson comments: “Social media transformed into a necessity in people’s lives, which is why we are giving them the opportunity they need in one place with great prices”

As trends and social media in general were encompassing a bigger role in society, Wilson founded Viral Media in 2012. He wanted to have a business that allowed people to obtain all the required services in just one place and with the best quality possible. Viral Media stands out from others because they get invested and are interested in their clients. This way, they develop customized strategies that adapt their needs.

Digital marketing is a very competitive environment. Therefore, Viral’s most important practice is to stay up to date about all the changes in the algorithms of Instagram, Facebook, Tik Tok and others. Reading and informing themselves is how Viral’s team has positioned their clients organically.

In their advisory, Viral teaches its clients how important it is for their businesses to stand out in social media. “People should understand that social media and the internet hide an incredible potential to let people know your company and that it is crucial to be involved in these platforms”, says Wilson.

Viral Media’s success is a product of the brand’s own strategy. They established concrete objectives, with monthly goals. They would reevaluate their progress every quarter to correct or adjust things in their methodology. “First, you have to think on how your service will impact people’s lives”, he states.

With more than 8 years in the market, Viral Media has been able to prove positive results to its clients. These not only obtain the positioning they so desired but also experience their business grow along the years after Viral Media’s advice. 

In the future, Viral Media wants to positively  impact more than 1 million people. To grow together. Also, they are working to expand their services and grow their team. If you want to position your company or your personal accounts on any social media platform, you can learn more about Viral Media’s services here.