Victor Portugal, a Tattoo Artist who Left an Indelible Mark with Some Black Ink Drops

Victor Portugal, a Tattoo Artist who Left an Indelible Mark with Some Black Ink Drops

An artist inspired by painters and cartoonist of fantastic art, including horror and sci-fi movies from the 80’s and 90’s as well as both comics and metal disc covers from those years.

Among his achievements, this tattoo artist is highlighted for working with one of the most famous ink brands of the world Radiant Colors Ink USA; together they launched a set of ink with his personal formula, becoming the best-selling sets in all the world.

Additionally, during his time off, Victor spends his time in the development and production of tattoo machines, in 2011 he made one of the most prestigious coil tattoo machines from the market.

From the beginning, Victor preferred to practice the black ans white style, what was dark and grim, he felt a great attraction to this esthetic and combining it with the human anatomy. Victor says that it is those type of tattoos which have inspired him as the years pass by, he also says that he proves himself professionally when finding out what can be done with some water and black ink drops. Over time, the range of options expanded.

According to Victor, his tatoos are a ritual to highlight the contrast and depht from a design by giving it a tridimensional effect, create detailed textures, which, in Victor’s opinion is what gives a realistic sensation to the dreamlike nature of his art.

It’s the passion of a whole life, the kind which makes Victor push himself in each project and take that project to perfection. Although, it is not just in the skin where he has talent and creativity, thanks to the tattoo, Victor discovered other means such as oil painting, acrylic, watercolor and graphite, he also dabbles in digital design.

Victor currently lives in Cracovia, Polony, he works in his studio called Darktimes Tattoo making many artistic projects. Also, Victor made an alliance with the international manager Farid Duque ‘El Dukke’, with whom he is preparing what’s coming in 2022, some plans include trips, conventions and events around the world.

The most important project is about to happen next year, it is the opening of a new mega studio in a place that is yet to be revealed.