Veronica Xolalpa is Also Known as the Queen of Credit Because of the Credit Services She Offers People Through National Credit Repair

Veronica Xolalpa is Also Known as the Queen of Credit Because of the Credit Services She Offers People Through National Credit Repair

“There are certain things that money cannot buy. for everything else there’s MasterCard”, so said a slogan alluding to credit cards. But in reality, credit is not that easy to understand or handle.

Credit dictates whether or not you can get a good or service you want. In particular, credit often dictates whether or not you can buy the house or car of your dreams. But not everyone understands how credit works.

Veronica Xolalalpa, also known as The Queen of Credit, grew up in a family of Mexican immigrants who came to the United States to provide their children with the best opportunities in life. 

“Growing up I observed my family go through difficult situations in part because they did not understand how the credit system worked. They were often victims of people who took advantage of their little knowledge of credit and made them sign contracts with very high rates or interest.” Veronica shares.

That is why Veronica decided to specialize in the area of financial education in order to educate her community and provide everyone with the knowledge and tools necessary to achieve financial freedom.

For people who have financial education and understand how credit works, credit can be a blessing. But to repair or improve your credit, you need the advice and support of a professional like Veronica, who runs National Credit Repair.

National Credit Repair focuses on increasing the financial education of the Latino community to create positive change. Veronica also helps single parents who face financial challenges while raising their children. 

What inspires me is seeing families reach the goal of buying a home with affordable payments and interest, or seeing how they have been able to manage their finances and create savings funds for their children’s education.” Veronica says. 

Despite having achieved many successes in her professional path, Veronica has encountered several obstacles that she has had to overcome to be able to run her credit repair business.

“Teaching my clients discipline, perseverance, patience and most importantly, that they evaluate their options before they react to a situation has been a challenge.” Veronica comments.

Veronica also notes that in general when starting a business financial planning is crucial since poor planning is one of the biggest reasons startups fail. Additionally, she believes that mindset is very important because it helps business owners to quickly identify and tackle problems.

While most companies look for ways to charge more and include additional fees each month, Veronica has chosen to focus on perfecting her service and improving the performance of the team of workers that are part of her company. 

“Everything we do is with the purpose of offering excellent value and unmatched benefits to our customers.” She states.

National Credit Repair stands out from other credit repair companies because they offer the lowest rate in the industry and provide free credit reports. In addition, customers have 24-hour account access and have a satisfaction guarantee.

Veronica’s upcoming projects include working with employers, high schools and colleges to offer them free programs on how to maintain credit and repair it. Learn more here.