Vanni Migliaccio Runs Three Music and Event Production Companies Through Which He is Supporting Urban and Latin Music Across the World

Vanni Migliaccio Runs Three Music and Event Production Companies Through Which He is Supporting Urban and Latin Music Across the World

Event producer Vanni Migliaccio, also known as El Feno, is one of the most important references of the urban music industry in Europe. He started more than 10 years ago when working at a restaurant, he met important people who involved him in the world of urban music.

Vanni manages three key companies in the world of Latin music entertainment: Lurova Music, Brutal Ibiza, and Upgrade Music. He also spends some of his time betting on new talents in urban music. 

Since 2005, Lurova Music has been a leader and pioneer in the organization of urban music events in Italy. They book artists for the continent’s most prestigious venues. They have worked with Maluma, Romeo Santos, Bad Bunny and more. 

Brutal Ibiza is Vanni’s other venture, which has the mission of bringing urban music to Ibiza, an area known for being home to electronic music. Brutal has made latin urban music a reality in Ibiza.

Lastly, Vanni runs Upgrade Music Miami, which is a constantly growing event production, booking and record label company in the United States, with their headquarters in Miami.

Vanni’s career started as a public relations professional at a bar. Thanks to his attitude there, he quickly rose to the position of assistant to the artistic director. This experience led him to create a network of contacts.

Over time, his network allowed Vanni to move from being a waiter to organizing major events such as massive concerts in Europe with stars of the stature of Maluma, Daddy Yankee, Ozuna, Karol G and many more.

Daddy Yankee was the first event I organized in Europe, and undoubtedly marked my career as an event producer forever.” Vanni shares.

Vanni is motivated by his passion for organizing events. This is what drives him as he grows in the business of booking, management and event promotion. It also makes him stand out that he turned his passion into his job.

“One of the biggest challenges of my business has been the uncertainty of whether I am betting on the right artist.” Vanni says, and adds, “At the beginning of any business, the main obstacle is the lack of capital.” 

But the biggest challenge by far experienced by the entertainment industry overall is the COVID-19 pandemic, since it has destroyed industries that depend on the presence of people.

“I believe that more so than mindset, having a vision is important when managing a business. It is important to be able to see the part of business that others may not see. That is how you do good business. Many times the benefit is not in the principal business but in externalities.” Vanni explains.

In an industry saturated with many event production companies across the world, Vanni and his businesses stand out because of his atypical tendency to make decisions based on his likes and dislikes and not on the numbers as others do. 

I often make decisions based on what I like and not on what really counts while everyone else just looks at the numbers. I have often found that what I like counts for more than I expected.” He says.

Working in a profession so demanding in the physical and mental aspect because it is not easy to organize events of great magnitude, Vanni has to be prepared for unforeseen and negative situations.

Because of this, Vanni always tries to have an optimistic outlook and look for the positive side to all situations including big challenges and difficulties. 

“It is important to have good vibes with everything and to be kind to those who do not like you. To do that is not to be hypocritical, but instead having enough maturity to tolerate others.” Vanni advises.

Vanni’s next projects include working on the tour of one of his artists, 8cho, across the United States and Latin America, which is sponsored by Brutal Ibiza. 

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