Transform Your Life: Amanda Marino's Journey from Struggle to Success in Mental Health and Addiction Recovery

Transform Your Life: Amanda Marino's Journey from Struggle to Success in Mental Health and Addiction Recovery

In the world of mental health and addiction recovery, Amanda Marino stands out not only for her professional expertise but for the personal journey that led her to where she is today. As the founder and sole owner of Next Level Associates, a company focused on providing individuals struggling with addictions and mental health concerns the support they need, Amanda has dedicated her life to transforming the lives of countless people.

I’ve transformed my life and thousands of others in personalized and creative ways. I bring together the best team of medical, Clinical, and coaching professionals to meet each individual and family to create lasting change”. Amanda expresses.

Next Level isn’t just another mental health service – it’s a comprehensive concierge mental health and addiction support system. Whether for individuals, families, or high-level corporations, Amanda and her handpicked team of medical, clinical, and coaching professionals provide personalized and creative solutions, addressing the root causes of unmanageable behaviors.

Amanda’s story begins with a difficult childhood, marked by trauma and abuse. The challenges she faced didn’t define her; instead, they became a cataylist. In the depths of her battle, Amanda found the strength to stop hurting herself and, in turn, discovered the power to change her life. This transformative experience became the driving force behind her mission to help others navigate their paths to recovery.

I wanted to redefine this white glove, concierge service. We treat our team and clients like gold, it’s what they deserve,” Amanda comments.

Starting a business is never without its challenges, Amanda officially launched her venture, Next Level, in March 2020, just as the world was grappling with the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic. 

The initial hurdles and uncertainties tested Amanda and her team’s resilience, turning them into a stronger, more adaptable unit. Recently, Amanda has transitioned into the role of the sole owner, bringing a new set of challenges that she tackles with the same determination that fueled her initial leap into entrepreneurship.

For those aspiring to start their businesses, Amanda’s advice is simple yet profound: dream, manifest, plan, prepare, and go for it. Drawing from her journey, she emphasizes the value of laying the groundwork while maintaining stability in other areas of life. Amanda herself spent two years doing her passion work on the side, building her brand and marketing herself, all while successfully holding down a full-time job.

Looking ahead, Amanda has ambitious plans for the future. Stepping into her role as the sole owner of Next Level, she aims to incorporate new ideas and leverage the expertise of her top leaders. 

In the first quarter of 2024, she’s preparing for the launch of a TV show, “Intervention,” expanding her reach through speaking engagements internationally, growing her business on a global scale, and contributing more to charitable causes and nonprofits.

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