The up and coming Latin Artist and Entrepreneur, Alexx Kalibre

The up and coming Latin Artist and Entrepreneur, Alexx Kalibre

Meet the founder of the EVR media, Alexx Kalibre, who has been focused on perfecting his craft as an artist and is passionate about music and the industry. Through the sacrifices Alex made, and with the success of EVR Media, his company is now a one-stop music emporium where artists are managed and helped to reach their own musical goals. 

Alexx Kalibre is a self-made artist and entrepreneur. He comes from a small town in Puerto Rico called Guayama, where his passion stemmed from and was an important part of his family. Even during his darkest times, specifically, when he was incarcerated, music was always there for him. Not only was he able to write his own music based on his real-life experiences, but he was also able to create music from different cultures. 

Like any artist in the music industry, it’s difficult working with different personalities, however, Alexx was able to maneuver himself within the industry and work side by side with producers. By learning the ins and outs of the industry, he found different ways to express everything he sees and lives through different forms of music. Thanks to his success and unique flow, Alexx Kalibre is now considered the “melting pot of rhythm”. Influenced by Rock, Rap, Hip hop, Reggeaton, and Reggae, he is his own category. 

Now with EVR Media flourishing, Alexx now owns a venue where artists are able to record music, shoot videos, and other art pieces. Upcoming projects include the release of his new music video, Padrino ft. Escuadron Latino. On top of that, he plans on releasing another album in 2022 that will combine Latin rhythms such as salsa, mambo, trapchata, reggaeton together. 

For more updates follow Alexx Kalibre on Instagram @Alexxkalibre_evr. @evr_recordingstudio To book a venue with EVR Media Group- call (646)-943-1980