The Fantel Project, Created By Dr. Anton Polyakov, Is The Innovative Platform That Is Revolutionizing The Medical Industry

 The Fantel Project, Created By Dr. Anton Polyakov, Is The Innovative Platform That Is Revolutionizing The Medical Industry

Holistic health or holistic healing is often defined as a form of healing that looks at the whole person: body, mind, and spirit.  This kind of holistic healing often involves multiple complementary medicines and alternative healthcare practices that can overlap with modern-day western medicine, but will go beyond the singular treatment of symptoms to support more than just the body.

In that sense, The Fantel Project is a successful platform that combines all ready-made solutions that allow us to carry out professional diagnostics, correct our health, prevent the development of certain diseases and also carry out complex actions towards biohacking and neurohacking. The brain behind this project is Dr. Anton Polyakov, known as Doctor Polyakoff in social media, a doctor of functional/integrative medicine and a specialist in the field of nutrition, endocrinology, clinical psychology and dietology.

“The platform also provides an opportunity to learn for yourself and also teach, it is more accurate to help other people, and, based on the results of training, correct their state of health, modify their lifestyle”, Doctor Polyakoff explains.

The Fantel Project manages to stand out because it was created by a doctor who works with functional integrative medicine, which in itself already gives a number of competitive advantages since integrative medicine implies a holistic complex effect on the human body. What’s more, in addition to medical education, Dr.Anton has a psychological education, which allows him to look at diseases from the point of view of some psychosomatic features.

All tools and technologies that are embedded within the framework of the platform will include both biological and psychological and their socio-cultural methods of influence. This is a unique and very innovative project that brings together the work of more than 15 years in various medical centers with a preventive integrative approach.

It all started many years ago. Back in 2005, Anton Polyakov returned from the US and got a job at the Doctor Bormenthal Center, which deals with the normalization of eating behavior and weight loss, as a project manager. One year later, he entered the Faculty of Psychology, at that time he began to conduct training in Russia and in Ukraine, Belarus, Kazakhstan. He  takes social media name as Doctor Polyakoff. Then, in 2008 he entered the Medical University, where he began to receive a third higher education, General Medicine, with subsequent advanced training in endocrinology and nutrition.

He did an internship in endocrinology, then, respectively, advanced training in dietetics. “In parallel, I started taking educational modules in “Preventage”, a system for the complete education of physicians in integrative functional medicine. There I just got acquainted with the main keys of the fundamental clinical imbalances that lead a person to diseases”, Anton shares.

To date, he has been working in private practice since 2015. In addition, he has experience as a public speaker since 2019 and developing his own brand and project since 2020, first as a personal brand, then as a Fantel meta platform.

“The biggest goal behind this project is the creation of effective tools for the restructuring of modern medicine and the modern education system.This is a change in the entire paradigm, building a new model of relationships between students, teachers, patients, doctors. We want to  create a prototype of the future of medicine”, Anton adds.

Learning is a never-ending journey. From birth until death, we are in a continuous cycle of learning new things. That’s why Anton is constantly studying and now he has entered the world’s leading center of modern integrative medicine – IFM USA! Without a doubt, The Fantel Project will allow humanity to take a great evolutionary step and create a new culture of health care.

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