The American Dream and Modern Renaissance Woman Rolled Into One: This is the Story of Karina Ledesma

 The American Dream and Modern Renaissance Woman Rolled Into One: This is the Story of Karina Ledesma

Many of us excel at one thing in life and are very good at some things. To truly master multiple disciplines takes a unique kind of person with a determination and willingness to go above and beyond the normal bounds of what is expected of us. These people used to be called Renaissance men as an homage to famous Renaissance figures who were masters of multiple subjects. This group includes greats like Leonardo Divinci, Michelangelo, and many others. 

However, the concept faded as the world changed and people decided to dedicate themselves to one thing rather than many. There are, thankfully, still some people who are able to achieve the accolade of Renaissance man. Karina Ledesma is an incredibly talented Renaissance woman who has taken it upon herself to be proficient in a handful of different areas.

Karina was born and raised in Argentina and like many others, came to the United States with very little other than a dream and determination to become successful. Speaking no English at all, she had to teach herself in order to survive and to make matters even more difficult for Karina, she was also all alone.

“I was born and raised in Argentina. I come from humble beginnings. At 28, I decided to come to America to chase my dreams. I had no family, no friends, I didn’t speak English and had only $100 in my pocket and millions of burning desires. In just four years, I’ve achieved financial independence,” Karina recounts.

Out of these difficult years, an entrepreneur was born. Karina is an entrepreneur in not one, not two, but three different businesses. Her three businesses include a network marketing business called Herbalife, life coaching, and real estate investment. Every day, she chooses to challenge herself in order to achieve the best results for her businesses and for her customers. 

Despite being incredibly successful in all of these endeavors and achieving the difficult task of adapting to a new home, Karina still had challenges to face. Namely, her own health became an issue after she was diagnosed with an autoimmune disease. In pain and full of despair, Karina was worried that she was going fail and give up all that she had worked for. 

Karina had a strong mindset, which she claims is the key to overcoming any difficult task. Because of this, she did not let her disease and situation get the best of her and decided to push ahead and keep putting in the hard work to make sure her dreams came true.

“I was diagnosed with an autoimmune disease 3 years ago. I was in bed all day with excruciating pain. I was lost and losing hope that I could have a normal life again. I decided to immerse myself by going inward and started my path of healing. I started meditation as my daily routine in 6 months. I started my healing journey. My advice is to stop listening to the outside noise and listen to your inner voice!” Karina states.

With this trial behind her, Karina is looking towards the future. In all of her endeavors, she works day in and day out to ensure that competition is unable to keep up with her. Her goal for the coming year is to make one million dollars while lifting others up with her. 

As a perfect example of a modern day Renaissance woman, you can bet that Karina will continue to grow and expand her businesses as she masters more and more facets of life and the world of entrepreneurship. To find out more about Karina, follow her on instagram here