Swimming with Rivertown Academy: The Academy Standard 

Swimming with Rivertown Academy: The Academy Standard 

Conceived from the minds of Victor Penaloza and Jeffery McClung, Rivertown Academy is the best spot to learn how to swim. Rivertown Academy teaches, trains, and develops swimmers from all different ages and backgrounds to learn how to be safe and competitive in the water. 

Rivertown Academy is not your average swim lesson program. At Rivertown, you will be instructed by professionals that have been in the swimming world for over 30 years combined! Victor had this to say, 

“I love the sport of swimming. Ever since I was a kid, I was always very competitive. When I grew up, I realized that my competitive nature and love for swimming only grew stronger. I started coaching to train athletes and stayed because I knew there was more for me to do. I started Rivertown Academy with my partner Jeff McClung to create an environment that was competitive by nature, but also taught the techniques young swimmers need to develop a strong technical foundation.”

Rivertown Academy was launched after Victor and Jeff spent some time as part-time coaches on Jeffery’s team Rivertown Rays. As time went on they became more and more involved with the children and teenagers that they trained in the world of swimming, and when opportunity knocked on their door, they decided to open Rivertown Academy.

Rivertown Academy is a sector of Rivertown Aquatics, which is a full-service aquatic business. They have their swim team (Rivertown Rays), pool management, lifeguard certification classes, and of course, a swim academy.

While working with so many swimmers of different ages, they realized that when these swimmers would come to them from other programs, their was a focus on developing the swimmer’s arms with little to no emphasis on the legs.

“When we decided to open our own swim program, we created a progression that starts with the legs because a strong kick is a crucial and fundamental component to a swimmer’s longevity and success.” Victor explains.

Rivertown Academy started in 2016 with 3 students. Now, they have managed to attract swimmers from all walks of life, and create bonds with the swimmers and families to make them feel like they are part of something bigger than just a swim program: They are part of a family. The swimmers walk away from the lesson program knowing how to not only swim, but compete at all different levels.

“We have seen over 20 students over the years swim competitively for their high school or club team, receive employment opportunities, and achieve things they never thought they could. What sets us apart is that we treat all the coaches, all the swimmers, and the parents like family. We have attended the swimmers’ theatrical performances, their graduations, and even their weddings. Over the years, we have watched the coaches develop in their own careers, and we have built lasting memories with the parents.” He adds.  

The next big goal to tacal for Rivertown Academy is to open and develop programs for children with special needs. They’ve noticed there was a gap in special needs programming when it came to swimming, and they wanted to be the ones to fill it.

“In the last few months, we have developed a relationship with Magnify Autism to help students on the spectrum learn to swim. Magnify Autism is a nonprofit organization raising funds to award private therapy to underprivileged families with children on the spectrum throughout NY and CT.  Knowing how to swim is a life-saving skill that everyone should know, no matter what the circumstances may be.” Victor says.

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