Steve Barton Was Born and Raised in the World of Business. Now, He is Giving Back His Talent to Others in the Form of Coaching.

Steve Barton Was Born and Raised in the World of Business. Now, He is Giving Back His Talent to Others in the Form of Coaching.

For many people, business is part of their lives practically from the day they are born. Whether it is something they do with their parents or a job that starts early on, business can mold and shape people even without them realizing it. 

Stephen Spencer Barton, better known as Steve, was one of these people who spent his most formative years learning business from his dad in the form of running the family business alongside him. 

“After receiving my BA in Business Management from The University of Southern Maine, I went into the family flower business Barton’s Flowers of Westbrook.  In 1979, at the age 22, my father had a major stroke, and I accepted the position to manage the family business, growing it to be the largest floral company in the state” Steve recounts. 

From there, Steve never truly left the world of business. His flower shop merged with another in 1985 and he and his father sold it in 2007, but that still wasn’t enough for Steve. In 2009 he received his FINRA, series 7, 66 and Maine State Insurance licensees. Pushed by a power to help people and to make a difference while still continuing on in the business world, he decided to dedicate himself to teaching and coaching others. 

“I began coaching individuals and business owners based on my business background. My passion and knowledge of how people behave and how the mind works helps individuals and teams to connect with their innate awareness. I call this a commonsense approach to what is not all that common. Currently, I am the owner of Steve Barton Coaching, which provides coaching for individuals, businesses and groups,” Steve explains. 

Steve isn’t just your normal coach though, but rather has many special qualities that place him above the cut when it comes to coaching. The first is the amount of extensive work he has put into learning to be a coach. In addition to all of his knowledge from actually owning a business, Steve has also taken numerous courses to help expand his base of knowledge and equipped himself with the ability to help those who are anxious or depressed as well. 

“I have a wide range of specialties from business consulting to Mindset Coaching. I help people to overcome anxiety and depression and heighten their intuition to a level of 10. In May 2015, I graduated from the 8 months intensive coaching program from the Gestalt International Study Center in Wellfleet, MA, giving me a foundation in the Gestalt model and the Gestalt Core Concepts and Behaviors to work from. In September 2021, I also graduated from Miracle Minded Coaching with Marianne Williamson and the team at Difference Publication,” Steve states. 

After helping numerous clients with problems ranging from being stuck in a business rut to getting over grief, Steve has moved to the world of book writing and just released an Amazon Bestseller in January 2022 with his then 19-year-old son Spencer, The Father, the Son,and the AHA Moment “Tools for Helping you and Your Child Develop a Path to Happiness.” You will be surprised to learn that it is not a religious book or just about parenting. So, as they say, “Don’t judge a book by its’ cover!”  It is a book that goes into great detail of his coaching methods and practices. For those of you without children, you may want to read it for your INNER CHILD.    

You can download it for free to learn his coaching method

Steve is continuing to work hard to have a powerful impact on the world! To find out more about him, follow him on Instagram here Facebook, LinkedIn barton&origin=RICH_QUERY_SUGGESTION&position=0&searchId=2413b357-dd83-41e3-b94b-b1c72af6547b&sid=GG* and check out his website here