Skilled Mentor and Leader In The Marketing Industry, Shane SantaCroce Is Now Expanding His Coaching Business To Help New Real Estate Investors Build Their Brand

Skilled Mentor and Leader In The Marketing Industry, Shane SantaCroce Is Now Expanding His Coaching Business To Help New Real Estate Investors Build Their Brand

Shane SantaCroce is a results-oriented entrepreneur with over 20 years of experience in sales, marketing, strategic planning, brand building, and leadership skills. His passion for helping others follow their dreams and his “Make it Happen” mindset is truly an inspiration to everyone that he meets.

Entering the real estate field just prior to the refinance boom in the early 2000’s, Shane was able to build a title insurance sales team and process which quickly led him to the mortgage industry. Within 24 months, Shane was already managing over 690 loan officers doing over 80 million a month in origination fees. 

Shane SantaCroce held the position as Chief Executive Officer of Better Addiction Care, a free national online resource of treatment centers that provides its patients a personalized recovery roadmap. After 6 years of creating innovative ways to reach those that needed assistance, he has moved back into the realm of brand building. 

Shane is also the Founder of KO Addiction, a non-profit organization focused on raising funds, awareness, and education for those struggling with mental health and substance abuse disorders. Shane leads an experienced and skilled team of marketing, training, and treatment professionals since launching his business in 2016. 

“Training people that had zero sales experience to create the success needed to build the life they deserved became a passion almost instantly,” states Shane. 

As a skilled mentor and leader, Shane’s goal is to help change individuals for the better, in both life and business. He helps people from all walks of life create long-lasting change in order to achieve their personal and business goals. “The opportunity to help someone follow their dreams is something I have a passion for and this has given me so many amazing people to help over the years,” says Shane. From sales training, mentoring, coaching, marketing or brand building, Shane always finds a way to make a difference in people’s lives by teaching them new skills. 

Having mentored dozens of business owners among multiple industries for the past 20 years, Shane has a new goal for 2022. Shane SantaCroce has stayed true to his passion for marketing, sales training and brand building throughout his career. By adapting his processes to each industry he has entered. Now, he has decided to focus on individuals that want to create a successful brand in the real estate industry in order to build generational wealth for themselves and/or their families. 

“It is now time to go back to where it all started, helping people become successful in the real estate business. […] This industry allows for long term growth and gains that can be handed off to generations. I’m excited to share my Make it Happen systems to those ready to take the steps into their future with successful and attainable goals” says Shane. 

Additionally, Shane has committed to making 4 new courses in 2022 using his “Make it Happen” system that will help change lives. Understanding the 8 pillars of success provides the opportunity to be successful in any part of life, personally and professionally. The 4 courses will be a Life Skills program, Successful Self Branding, Positive Mindset Development and The 8 Pillars of Success. “My hopes are to educate as many people as possible,” says Shane. Despite the obstacles faced during the past 2 years, Shane is committed to making this year about growth and rebuilding. 

Learn more about Shane SantaCroce and his upcoming projects on his webpage. You can also find him on Instagram here