Scientist and Life Coach Jean Fallacara Bridges Neuroscience With Calisthenics To Create A New Transformational Fitness Training

Scientist and Life Coach Jean Fallacara Bridges Neuroscience With Calisthenics To Create A New Transformational Fitness Training

From the field of Biomedical Sciences to mindset and fitness coaching, writer, and author, Jean Fallacara is a pluri-disciplinary, multitalented, and multitasking serial entrepreneur. Jean Fallacara has transformed the industry of cold storage by bringing to the market the safest and most advanced Ultra Low Temperature Freezer with an auto diagnostic and backup refrigeration system. At the same time, he has changed the sport industry. By combining neuroscience with calisthenics, Jean has created a new way of training for peak performance, helping athletes over the world exceed their limits. 

“Driven and determined to be the best at everything I do, born as a natural motivator, but while that grabs all the attention, my deep root is science,” states Jean.

Jean began his path in business motivated to drive change by experimentation, applying scientific fundamentals to everything. Few people can genuinely claim to have transformed an industry, even fewer can claim to have redefined a role completely, however, Jean has redefined the definition of what CEO is and what they must/should do. 

“In evolution, a lot of experimentation takes place until often by accident something is created that drives the species forward. Forget about brilliant and detailed business strategies and instead focus on building a company culture that allows for mistakes to be made,” says Jean. 

Many people out there wait to start a business because they’re waiting to find the perfect idea. However, this is just a manifestation of fear, which per Jean, is the killer of our best decision making and capacity to innovate during challenging times. On the other hand, mindset is what can propel you forward. By continuously embracing change and continuing to develop further while sticking to your core beliefs, you can achieve anything. 

“You don’t need an idea to start a business. Found a company and try everything and you’ll finally manage to break through. If you’re wanting to start a company but haven’t yet, you need to abandon the myth of the perfect idea. […] Entrepreneurs are defined by a mix of self confidence and self criticism. You need a constant self evaluation to motivate you to keep pushing the boundaries,” shares Jean. 

By sticking to his core beliefs and never focusing on the competition, Jean has been able to keep growing his business. “If you look too much at competition you forget to make sure your core ideology is kept intact and chances are that your company will never enjoy long lasting success,” says Jean. This year, Jean plans to go public with his Biomedical Corporation, setting Neuroscience Calisthenics as the world’s standard for skill development in the fitness industry. He also plans to make the Biohacker Update Magazine the reference in the world for biohackers & wellness enthusiasts. 

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