Riyahd Jones: Cannapreneur, Spiritual Leader & Founder of Holy Wellness Co.

Riyahd Jones: Cannapreneur, Spiritual Leader & Founder of Holy Wellness Co.

Riyahd Jones is a cannapreneur, spiritual leader and crypto investor. He is the founder of  Holy Wellness Co, a legal cannabis products brand that just launched in May of this year.

Riyahd did not start as an entrepreneur straight away. When he was young, he thought that the only way to be successful was through playing sports. “I didn’t see any other way out of my neighborhood growing up”, he comments. This is why Riyahd starred in football and ultimately earned a scholarship to play at the University of Tennessee and received his bachelor’s degree.

He tried playing in the NFL but that didn’t last long. This situation inserted Riyahd into entrepreneurship via network marketing, an industry he was passionate about. He led an organization with more than 4,000 people and alongside his team, earned over 6 million dollars in business revenue in 5 years of work.

After his initial experience as an entrepreneur, Riyahd decided to start Holy Wellness. He was motivated by how fast laws in the US were beginning to change regarding cannabis. He realized this would be the next big thing and wanted to position himself in the market.

“I’ve been quite the connoisseur of cannabis for a few years and know from experience the benefits it provides. Another reason that I got involved was so that I could do my part in changing how people view it. Due to laws that are rooted in racism, cannabis has been stigmatized and many people look over the wellness benefits that it provides for those that consume it”, he expresses. 

Holly Wellness Co. sells premium cannabis products that arrive at the consumers’ front door. This brand embraces differences; just like everybody is unique, so is Holy. “It’s our belief that cannabis is one of God’s holy plants that he made to benefit and enrich every part of our lives”

Riyahd believes that mindset is not only important when starting a business, but in every area of life. In this sense, he dedicates hours to develop his mind to always become a better version of himself. “Starting your own business will come with a lot of obstacles, with a  stronger mind you will be able to navigate through them”, he states.

For this reason, he thinks that the biggest challenges to begin with Holy Wellness were the internal ones. People can always put up excuses to never start or to quit shortly after being met with trials and tests. He recommends surrounding yourself with people who have already experienced such things, so that you can be exposed to more through them.

“Exposure always leads to expansion. When I started getting exposed to more I started to believe that more was possible for me. The bar got raised more and more as I kept getting around people that were succeeding at high levels in different fields of business”, Riyadh shares. 

Spirituality and beliefs have always been a key factor in Riyahd’s life. On a personal level, he enjoys teaching people the spiritual side of success, which he practices through his community, The Commission. It is a faith based community of entrepreneurs who preach God and want to grow in their faith.

Nowadays, his current focus is to expand his brand. Despite having just a few months in the market, Riyahd comments it has been a beautiful process. Holy Wellness Co. focuses on bringing clients products that get them to 3 different vibes: the peaceful, the creative and the active one. If you want to achieve such states, get to know more and be part of Holy’s community, you can click here.