ONYX RENTALS, Created by Chris Tovar, Was Born Out of a Love of Cars and Passion for Business. Find Out More Below

ONYX RENTALS, Created by Chris Tovar, Was Born Out of a Love of Cars and Passion for Business. Find Out More Below

Chris Tovar is the founder and creator of ONYX RENTALS, Utah’s only luxury and exotic car rental company. However, long before this, Chris was finding his footing in the world of entrepreneurship and went through many trials and tribulations to get to where he is today.

“I have started and failed 6 businesses and have had tons of jobs before finally finding a business I love and that has become successful. ONYX RENTALS has been steadily growing and is proving to dominate the Utah Market. I have done very well in construction material sales, starting since 2013, which has helped me build a network of contacts as well as helped me fund my rental company,” Chris explains.

Though he failed over and over again, Chris never gave up. He had a passion for cars and a love for business, so he saw what he needed to do; he needed to combine his two loves into one dynamic business that would help skyrocket him to the top. This is what led to ONYX RENTALS.

“Seeing that I can actually make money by doing something I love is what really got me excited to start this business. Being part of the car scene since I was 16 years old helped me build the connections I needed to be able to succeed in this business.

We offer high end vehicle rentals throughout Salt Lake City, Park City, and Utah County. Our cars are available for travelers, locals, photoshoots, weddings, proms, music videos, etc.” Chris details.

What separates ONYX RENTALS from other luxury car rental companies in the business is the relationships that Chris has helped foster that, in turn, help deliver great results for all of his customers and business itself. Additionally, he is still the only luxury and exotic car rental company in the entire state of Utah!

“The relationships I have built within the car community, local businesses, and local hospitality companies have really set me apart from my competition. We are also the only Car Rental Business in the State that offers high end luxury and exotic vehicles!” Chris exclaims.

Chris is offering a new opportunity for all of those looking for a way to get a foothold into the world of business. He is offering a hands off investment opportunity to anyone wanting to invest in the luxury rental market. In other words, he is not only offering people an opportunity to enjoy cars, but also providing a way for people to start the same journey that he did as an entrepreneur.

In addition to this, Chris has other big things planned. He details them below:

“Our goal for the next 3 year is to grow our fleet to 15+ vehicles. We also want to open a second location within this time frame.”

To find out more about Chris and Onyx rentals, follow him on instagram here and check out his website here.