NenaCouture’s AMslippers are changing the way women feel fashion

NenaCouture’s AMslippers are changing the way women feel fashion

The glitter and glam of high-end fashion is not something most people associate with slippers, whose cozy reputation barely carries past the carpeted interiors of our homes. Designer Nena Estrada is out to break the slipper’s stunted reputation, however, with her new line of chic AMslippers from NenaCouture boutique. Nena literally stumbled upon the inspiration for her original slippers after an evening spent hobbling around in uncomfortable high heels.

“I had forgotten my heels on a trip to Los Vegas,” Nena recounts, “and spent the evening limping around in an ill-fitting pair that I bought on the spot. By the end of the night I could barely walk, but stubbornly refused to go barefoot in public. That’s when the inspiration hit me! Why couldn’t every woman have a pair of beautiful, foldable emergency slippers that she could wear both indoors and out on the town? A slipper that not only kept her comfortable, but caressed her feet and made her feel classy and elegant.” 

Thus the AMslipper was born. Elegant in design, with dazzling studs and sleek lines that contour to the wearer’s foot, the Nena’s newest creation is like no other slipper available on the market to-date. Yet although Nena’s conception for a new type of slipper was ignited by a single high-heeled incident, her skills in fashion design and customized chic have been years in the making.

“Ever since I was a little girl,” Nena shares, “I had been toying with different types of cloth and vibrant colors. My grandma Grace taught me how to work with the miniature dresses for quinceanera dolls and I soon began working to design my own dresses and accessories. This passion eventually evolved into my first lines of unique, one-of-a-kind, fun, flirty party dresses and glamorous gowns named Hi Grace Couture.”

Before jumping into design and fashion full-time, in fact, Nena worked as a freelance entertainment reporter for Spanish-language entertainment media outlets. She would often receive compliments on her custom-made dresses from coworkers and guests on her shows, to the point where she decided to begin creating made-to-order dresses for friends and family. Her business quickly expanded to the point where she could go into fashion full-time as a designer. The fashion industry could be cutthroat at times – especially in LA – but Nena credits a few key early supporters with encouraging her to stick with her design career.

“Just as I was breaking into the fashion industry, I gained the support of various entertainment and fashion personalities, such as famous telenovela writer & producer Carla Estrada, as well as noted fashion designer Mitzy. His help in particular helped me launch several lines during LA Fashion Week 2021, and I now consider Mitzy the “Godfather” of my dresses.”

Moving forward, Nena hopes to expand the reach of her AMslipper line, promoting the slippers among both men and women as a comfortable and elegant alternative to traditional footwear. The line – sold through Nena’s NenaCouture boutique – will feature over ten different styles, including thigh-highs, knee, mid-calf, and ankle slippers. Each pair is packed in a fabulous, equally foldable tote bag to ensure that your high-heels have a place to stay while the slippers come out to play. We are certainly excited to try on our own pair and to see what fashion designer Nena Estrada comes up with next!

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