Nebraska driver pulled over after huge bull spotted in passenger seat

Nebraska driver pulled over after huge bull spotted in passenger seat

Police in the US state of Nebraska responded to a bizarre emergency call after a bull was seen riding shotgun in the front passenger seat of a car.

Norfolk police captain Chad Reiman said officers quickly located the modified Ford Crown Victoria sedan with the animal riding shotgun along the primary highway as it entered the city of approximately 24,000 individuals on Wednesday morning.

“We didn’t have a full understanding of it until we saw it,” Mr Reiman said.

Owner Lee Meyer has driven the vehicle in parades throughout the region for many years. Half of its windshield and roof have been taken out to create space for his Watusi bull, known as Howdy Doody, to join him.

A yellow metal cattle gate functions as a replacement for the passenger side door, enabling Howdy Doody to be securely tied up.

Adding to the unique features, a pair of longhorns acts as an ornament on the vehicle’s hood.

“It wouldn’t go far without being noticed for sure,” Mr Reiman added.

Video footage of the traffic stop, recorded by News Channel Nebraska, quickly gained traction online.

During a parade in Burwell last month, a sign fixed to Mr Meyer’s car proudly proclaimed Howdy Doody’s remarkable ride had secured the title of the best car entry in Nebraska’s Big Rodeo Parade.

Mr Reiman said that Mr Meyer personally told him about transporting Howdy Doody using a suitable trailer for the previous parade, which raises questions about the decision to load the bull into his car on Wednesday and drive the 36-mile journey from his Neligh home to Norfolk.