Merchant Automation: Paul Alex's Game-Changing Platform for Building Your Own Merchant Service Business

Merchant Automation: Paul Alex's Game-Changing Platform for Building Your Own Merchant Service Business

Paul Alex, along with his partner Gedam Tekle, spearheads, a revolutionary platform empowering entrepreneurs to venture into merchant services seamlessly. 

In 2023, they launched, the brainchild of their collective expertise and entrepreneurial spirit, aiming to democratize access to the lucrative merchant services industry. 

In February 2023, I launched a new digital offer called, with my partner Gedam Tekle, which helps entrepreneurs set up their first credit card terminal inside small businesses,” says Paul.

As the co-leader of a dynamic digital consulting firm, Paul specializes in merchant services, leveraging his diverse entrepreneurial journey. With over 6.6 million dollars in revenue within one year of launching their startup company, Paul has honed his expertise in building successful ventures from the ground up. 

“Our goal is to help entrepreneurs build their own merchant service business without having to worry about the time it will take to learn and scale their own business. Our team can help and we are here for you.” The website reads.

Navigating the complexities of starting a merchant services business entails building trust and ensuring compliance. Drawing from his experience assisting over 3,600 aspiring entrepreneurs, Paul emphasizes the importance of credibility and reliability in gaining the trust of businesses. 

Starting a business in merchant services requires a comprehensive understanding of its nuances, including building trust and adhering to regulatory standards,” Paul  elaborates.

The entrepreneurial mindset, according to Paul, is paramount for success in business endeavors. His journey from law enforcement to entrepreneurship and has taught him the importance of resilience and strategic thinking in navigating challenges. 

Embrace resilience and strategic thinking, essential traits for navigating the challenges inherent in entrepreneurship,” Paul advises.

Excited about the diverse array of projects ahead, Paul is poised to make a positive impact this year. With a keen focus on his ‘New American Dream’ digital program, he aims to broaden its reach and accessibility, empowering more individuals to realize their personal and professional aspirations. This entails enriching the platform’s content, incorporating interactive features, and leveraging social media to extend its outreach.

Furthermore, Paul is committed to giving back to the community, reflecting his values of social responsibility and compassion. A portion of the proceeds from his digital programs and speaking engagements will be dedicated to supporting charitable causes that uplift the less fortunate. 

By intertwining philanthropy with his entrepreneurial endeavors in, Paul endeavors to foster a culture of giving and make a meaningful difference in the lives of those in need.

“I’m excited about my upcoming projects, aimed at expanding accessibility and fostering social impact,” Paul shares, and adds, “Financial freedom affords us the flexibility to prioritize family and pursue entrepreneurial ventures aligned with our values.” 

Paul’s journey from installing Automated Teller Machines to launching underscores his commitment to leveraging digital platforms for service delivery. Inspired by his experiences in the ATM and merchant services realm, Paul  seized the opportunity to craft compelling digital solutions. 

My inspiration stemmed from my experiences in the ATM and Merchant services sector, where I witnessed the potential of digital platforms to revolutionize service delivery,” Paul says

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