Meet Valentina Ferrer, Better Known As Tina Turn Up: The Singer and Model Who Made A Name For Herself In The United States

<strong>Meet Valentina Ferrer, Better Known As Tina Turn Up: The Singer and Model Who Made A Name For Herself In The United States</strong>

Working in the music business offers artistic fulfillment, this is an industry where people can creatively express themselves while working. It’s also really rewarding. Turning their singing passion into their career it’s one of the biggest benefits that this industry has to offer to all singers and it is also what they find most rewarding about working in the field.

But the truth is that breaking into the music business is harder than other industries. Competition is high. Working in a creative and artistic field requires tough skin and the music industry is no exception. These days everyone is experiencing setbacks. The trick is to learn how to deal with the setbacks and to continue moving towards the goal. That’s exactly what Valentina Ferrer did, and this is her success’ story.

Valentina Celeste Ferrer Garcia, also known as Tina Turn Up, works in the music and modeling entertainment industry. She was inspired to get into the business because of her enjoyment when it comes to expressing herself through music and body language. She was also inspired by her desire of finding the possibility to turn her passion into a lucrative business. 

“Coming to America from Venezuela to fulfill my passion was not easy. Especially growing up with an independent mindset and wanting to do things my way. Art was always my motivation to strive for growth in life. Since I was very young I looked up to stars like Beyonce, Nicki Minaj, Natti Natasha and many others”, she shares.

Of course, her path was not easy at the beginning. She had to make a name for herself in a very competitive and talented industry. Valentina faced many challenges, especially dodging other people’s negativity towards her project and general public judgment. Negative people love bringing others down but Valentina didn’t let any of these obstacles stop her. Quite the opposite.

“I don’t compete with anybody. My ego showed me that the best response for an opp is to show them you are better than them in every way and aspect. My vibration is so high, I simply just have to step in a room to get noticed”, Valentina details.

She defines herself as a very genuine and versatile human. Valentina truly believes that kindness, manners and respect are top priorities in order to keep a healthy mindset. What’s more, having the right mindset is essential for all those who, like her, are in the world of music and entertainment.

The right mindset includes a variety of admirable traits including the ability to take initiative, adapt to change, find creative solutions and be comfortable with risk. People who have adopted this mindset see challenges as opportunities. They view failure as a chance to learn and let vision, not perfectionism, drive their actions. These abilities can foster success in all parts of their lives!

“My advice to those that are trying to start a new business is to believe in themself and their skills, to create a structured plan without skipping any steps and to team up with people that understands their vision”, Valentina advises. 

When asked about fear, she was very certain. Valentina explained that fear, for her, is synonymous with failure, a feeling that holds people back from success. That’s why the word is not part of her vocabulary.

Despite all the work that he has already done, she isn’t planning on slowing down any time soon. She details her next steps below:

I’m currently focusing on launching my music catalog in parts and looking for the best distribution ways to make my music popular. I’m also working with social media growth and fanbase”, Valentina explains.

Without a doubt, Valentina’s story is a source of empowerment and inspiration not only to singers and entrepreneurs, but to all of us. To find out more about Valentina follow her on instagram here.