Meet Trevin Peterson: The Entrepreneur, Coach and Consultant Who Has Grown Seven-Figure Brands and Businesses

<strong>Meet Trevin Peterson: The Entrepreneur, Coach and Consultant Who Has Grown Seven-Figure Brands and Businesses</strong>

Trevin Peterson is an entrepreneur who manages several e-commerce brands in addition to coaching and consulting businesses. He is also an expert in the Amazon FBA-selling system.

Trevin is motivated like many other people by his desire to be the provider of his family and give them a good quality of life. He had already tried almost every way to earn money to pay for household needs and so he started with the Shopify dropshipping platform. 

I failed miserably but learned a lot in the process. I then tried to grow several social media channels and then tried affiliate marketing. It was extremely slow and I wasn’t getting the results I wanted.” Trevin shares.

Because of that, he had to get a 9 to 5 construction job and joined an MLM which opened doors to new friends who presented him with new opportunities and one of them was the opportunity to sell on Amazon at the end of 2017. 

The moment I heard about the Amazon FBA opportunity, I jumped right in! I would work from 9-5, I would come home and work on my Amazon business from 6pm until 1am.” Trevin says.

After six arduous months working non-stop at his 9 to 5 job and countless nights dedicated to the Amazon part, Trevin managed to replace his 9 to 5 income so quit his job for good.

Since quitting, I’ve sold over $4 million on Amazon. All I have to do is find a winning product and I can leverage Amazon’s infrastructure to grow my business.” Trevin explains.

Since then, Trevin decided to document his journey and share his results and business strategies. This has led him to build and help an online community of over 500,000 people who follow him.

Trevin now offers an online mentorship program “The AMZ Champion 4.0” through which he helps people learn how to grow through Amazon’s system. In this website, people can see reviews and testimony from previous participants.

One of the biggest obstacles that Trevin has managed to overcome was having failed in some products published on Amazon. However, this served him as experience and he was able to pick himself up and continue stronger.

These failures cost me thousands. I could have given up but I picked myself up, learned from the mistakes, and bounced back stronger.”

As Trevin has grown his online presence, several major players within the Amazon seller industry have shared his story. 

Just this year, in September 2022, I was invited to be a keynote speaker at the Helium 10 Scale + Scale Summit event. This was a great business event where world-renowned speakers such as Gary Vaynerchuck and Neil Patel spoke. I had the amazing opportunity to share the same stage with social media icon Gary Vee.” He adds.

Trevin differentiates himself from his competitors because his clients have a huge advantage when they work with him due to the fact that they get 1-on-1 help from current and active 6- and 7-figure sellers on Amazon. 

Other consultants sold on Amazon years ago and are teaching outdated strategies. We offer live training for our clients to ensure their success.” Trevin states.

After building three companies and taking them to over 7 figures, Trevin’s goal is to have a 7 figure exit and focus on growing his other two companies and scaling his investment portfolio.

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